Introduction: DOS Box

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DOS Box is a emulator for DOS games. It allows Windows users to be able to play DOS Games on modern hardware.

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Step 1: Download DOS Box and Program

The first thing we need to do is to go download DOS Box at Make sure that you download the version appropriate for your OS.

After downloading and installing DOS Box, you must go find the DOS program you want to run as a .zip file. You can also copy files off installer disks to use them. Normally if you look through a couple websites, you can find the DOS Program files you are searching for.

A website for some DOS Games:

Step 2: File Directory

Before you start DOS Box, you will need to make a DOS program directory on your hard drive. You will need administrator access to do this. Next copy your .zip file (it must be extracted) to a folder inside this directory.

Step 3: Running DOS Box

Next, start DOS Box. You should see a screen similar to the one in the first picture. We will need to input commands to make DOS Box work.


1. First, we need to mount the drive.

Type: mount name of drive (normally C) drive area (normally C:)/DOSGAMES

Example: mount C C:/DOSGAMES

2. Next, we need to browse to the drive you just mounted.

Type: drive:

Example: C:

The system should now say something like: C:\DOSGAMES

3. Then we need to see which file we need to open.

Type: dir

4. Various file names should appear. Select the folder with the program you need to open. For example view the second picture

Type: cd file folder name

Example: cd WOLF3D

5. Next we need to find the .exe file of the program. Before we do this we need to look at the content inside the folder.

Type: dir

6. Finally, we need to run the .exe file. Identify what the file name is and type the following command.

Type: File Namefile type

Example: WOLF3D EXE

You should now have your program open up inside of the DOS Box window.

7. Once you are done using DOS Box, you can type exit if you have a command line area or you can close the program with the X at the top of your window.

Step 4: Usefull Commands

Alt+Enter= Full Screen

Alt+F4= Close Program

dir= Directory of the area you are located in

exit= close/exit DOS Box

Step 5: Have Fun!

Have fun with DOS programs!

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