Double happy lucky noodle spinner

While eating takeout from my favorite asian restaurant, it occurred to me that the 10 foot long noodles they use really require a motorized chopstick spinner.

As an inexpensive expedient to manufacturing, I cast the tongs in lead. (prototype1) The lead was too soft, and splayed outward due to centribrutal force.  I lost a tooth.   For more info on lead casting, see my book "Casting lead toys and pacifiers for infants and children"

To strengthen the chopsticks, I cast asbestos into the lead of prototype 2. (fig1)  I call this "fiberlead" It is much stiffer than regular lead without adding much weight. This solved the problem of malleability, but the spring, taken from a clothespin was too weak. Once again, centripugal force got me. This time, I lost an eye. The cost of progress, I guess.

To make a stronger clamp, I put a hose clamp around prototype 3.  This time it has enough strength to withstand centrifutile force. Unfortunately the extra weight threw off the balance requiring lead tire weights to be added. (fig 2) I also went to the heavier drill to dampen vibrations, and a foot pedal for speed control.

About this time, the wife came home from vacation and threw a fit about the soy sauce on the walls and ceiling. Simple solution: shower curtains in the kitchen. (fig 3)

Although I have patents pending, I have been having trouble finding a domestic manufacturer, and am seeking one abroad.



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