Introduction: DOUBLE MOUSE

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Double your productivity by connecting a single mouse to two computers! It's simple: one mouse, two USB connections, infinite possibilities. Each click of your pointer finger will be twice as powerful with this mouse mod. This is a low cost, no soldering, HOW TO that will double your clicks per hour in minutes.


Part: PS/2 Mouse (serial)
Vendor: Radio Shack
Cost: $9.97 or less
Notes: You only really need one mouse but you need two serial cables. I ended up just buying an extra mouse because at RadioShack they are cheaper then a serial cable. Old serial mice are just llaying around everywhere waiting to be used, they can often be found on for $1 or less.

Part: QVS USB-PS2Y USB to Dual PS/2 "Y" Converter
Vendor: J&R
Cost: $14.99
Notes: You are going to need two of these. There are cheaper options but this is the only one that I know works for sure.

Part: Duct tape
Vendor: Any will do.

Tools: A sharp Xacto blade and/or wire cutters.


- Cut one mouse cable at the midpoint.

- Cut the second mouse cable an inch or so away from the mouse. This mouse is no longer needed, hide it in a drawer for later use.

- You should now be left with one longer serial cable, one shorter serial cable, and one mouse. Cut away 1.25" of the outer cable from the ends of all three cables.


Inside the serial cable you will find smaller red, black, white, and green cables. Cut away 3/4" of the outer rubber and twist the exposed copper for each of the individual 12 cables.


Twist together groups of three wires consisting of the same color. Tightly wrap them in tape so that none of the copper is showing. If you have a soldering iron handy you can make a better connection, however I've been using a tapped version for weeks and it seems to works fine.


Once all four groups of red, white, black, and green wires are wrapped together tightly wrap them all in tape. When you're done you should have a dirt style Y cable.


Connect the adapters to the serial cables. The connection for the keyboard will just remain empty for the purposes of this tutorial (yes, I'm leaving room for the DOUBLE KEYBOARD sequel instructable). Plug in one of the USB connections into a PC. When you have one cursor moving properly then plug the other USB connection into another PC. If everything goes as planned then you should now have the power of two PC's in the palm of your hand.... use this power wisely.

You can match the mouse speeds between your two PCs by opening the Mouse Properties:
Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Mouse, and then hit the Motion tab.

Step 7: USES?

9 to 5 Paintings

There are many possible uses for the Double Mouse ranging from useless to pointless. The first series I have done using this new technology is the 9 to 5 Paintings. I, like much of the working world, find myself with less and less time for creative projects and more and more time spent writing emails. 9 to 5 Paintings are a way to create art and send emails, write reports, and do work all at the same time!

The set up is simple, you will need two computers connected to one Double Mouse. On one computer run a drawing / painting application at full screen. GIMP is an open source free image editing program that can be downloaded for free. On the other computer just go about your daily business. As you click and drag your way around email, the internet, and your regularly frequented applications you will leave brush strokes on the other computer. 9 to 5 paintings are a visual representation of your daily computing routines.

You can see a screen capture of the process in the attached .mov file.


The smaller PS/2 USB adapters didn't work for me. I'm not sure why this is but if anyone knows please feel free to leave a comment. A common error for a non-functioning Double Mouse is for both computers to go into a cycle of mouse recognition and non-recognition. It will work on one computer for a few seconds and then on the other for a few seconds, etc. etc.



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    56 Discussions

    it wont work, i have tried this method but anyone can help to solve this problem?

    i need this requirement.

    So... Logitech makes this incredibly simple to do wirelessly using their unifying receivers and logitech unifying utility. I mean, I'm all for hacking things apart and doing it with cheap crap... but you can get a logitech m325 for $15 and a second receiver for $10... so for $25 bucks you have a wireless one :)

    I just wanted to point out that you repeatedly said serial mouse. While technically these run over a serial bus, they are not considered serial mice. They are PS/2 mice. A serial mouse would have a DB9 connector on it.

    7 replies

    Error, Windows has malformed due to lack of patience. To resolve this problem, please install un-genuine software.

    CPU = central processing unit
    Motherboard = main board that everything connects to including the CPU
    Monitor = the visual interface (the screen)
    Computer = housing for the motherboard, drives, and component interface cards i.e. the video card.

    i hope that cleared things up.

    also you may want to only connect one set of power wires to the mouse. right tnow you are giving it double what it needs and that aint too good. atleast you had pictures so PROPS! =D

    3 replies

    Connecting the power wires together doesn't double the voltage going to the mouse, so the mouse won't be bothered, but the regulated 5v from the two computers might not be exactly the same and try to fight each other. Though being on the USB ports, that fight would be limited to 500mA or less. Doubling the current sources won't hurt the mouse, as it will only draw what it needs from the available 5v supply. Now if you tried to feed the mouse 10v or more, then it might get heart burn and die on you. ;)

    no no no its

    CPU = brain
    Motherboard = spine
    Monitor = the visual interface (the screen)
    Computer = skull or body!

    actually this one guy binded 6 computers and 6 mice together and played some good old WOW

    I saw an adaptor for this a couple years back. It was intended as a teaching aid. It put two independant arrows on the screen at the same time.

    I also need to be able to have two arrows on a screen each working independantly... do you recall where you saw this adaptor?  Was it at an educational facility?  Or at a store (and if it was a store, do you recall which one)? 

    Idea unsure whether it would work as usb work on a set voltage and it may be damaging to devices, but why not do this with a USB extender i.e. a female usb to two male usb's, then a single usb stick can be accessed on two pc.

    note. i dunno whether it would cause files to corrupt be good for someone to try with a cheap tacky usb stick lol