D-Fend-Reloaded is a frontend for DOSbox (version 0.74)
DOSbox is a virtual machine that allows you to run MS-DOS programs on Windows 32 16 Bit and 64 Bit.

The following demo is running on Windows 7 64 Bit.

MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) is a software package that allows the use a program in a DOS Window
of Windows and even without the presence of Windows.
in newer versions of Windows (from Windows Vista) on can't  run an DOS 16 bit applications in a   Window
that is why we use a Virtual Machine that emulates a  computer running in DOS .
in the D-Fend Reloaded package-there are two other very interessant software:
he acted in Doszip (DZ) which is a clone of Norton Commander (equivalent to Windows Explorer DOS)
FreeDOS and the equivalent of MS-DOS
both in Freeware.
Sorry for my English in this tutorial i 'm French !

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You can download D-Fend Reloaded on the following link:
choose D-Fend-Reloaded full-install because DOSbox is included in the installation

In this demo we will see how to work in DOS using the ancient language of Borland's Turbo Pascal 7.1
it can interact with the computer without the presence of Windows, once
many programs using MS-DOS Turbo Pascal and the zipped  Christmas demo (end of this instrutable)are part
you can download the zip on the following link:

or you can going on
you need to register to download the zip but no regrets because this site there are many DOS software
when you register the home page go to the bottom of this page and click Shearch (yellow) enter as shearch Turbo Pascal 7.1
in google page that appears click:
Download Turbo Pascal 7.1 by | VETUSWARE.COM - the biggest ...
in the home page of vetusware, on the home page of vetusware you can click to see other windows software download
at the bottom of this new window, you can click on the page numbers or tree of life (ranked by year)

Step 2: Software Installation

Run the D-Fend-Reloaded  setup
you can choose the default installation for all installation steps you just have to choose the language in step 3

Now that D-Fend is installed, and TP7.1 is dowloaded, create files that will be used to install Turbo Pascal 7.1
and demo Christmas.
start the Windows Explorer and go to the folder D-Fend Reloaded,
in order, clik on Users folder, then clik the folder with your user name on my W7 the path is:Z:\Mic-Josi\ (see my screenshot)
and then the D-Fend Reloaded folder and then the VirtualHD on my W7: z:\Mic-Josi\D-Fend Reloaded\VirtualHD\
in this folder, right-click to create a new folder named TP7
repeat and name the new folder TREE
then go to the TP7 folder and create a folder named EXE
Now you need to unzip the file in Turbo Pascal 7.1 TP7 SAPINENG ZIP folder and in the folder TREE

Run th D-Fend Reloaded
Click +Add and heart Add with Wizard .. on the popup window click next
then click the icon program to be started and the following folders:
TP7, BIN go down the window BIN and click TURBO
then click next Use auto setup template That only matches by filename check the start in fullscreen Mode box
then click next, to the program name line replacing 6.0 by 7.1 by 1997 and 1990 then next then OK to finish.
repeat to the process to install the SAPINENG in TREE directory
and the CONTOISE in CONTOISE directory.

Finally, you must enter the configuration path for TP7.7 order to compile
select the Turbo Pascal 7.1 menu (without throwing) Lemenu then click Edit (pencil icon) at the top click on DOS environment (bottom) and enter the following path in Key Value
Z: \ C: \ TP7 C: \ TP7 \ UTILS C: \ TP7 \ UNITS C: \ TP7 \ EXE C: \ Tree (see picture)

start TP7.1 click the Options menu (top)  in the Options menu, then Directories,
in EXES and TPU Type directory c: \ TP7 \ EXE
Units in directory type c: \ TP7 \ units
click OK
go back to Options and click Save Turbo TP
Directories path of TP 7.1 are configured (seef a folowing  picture2)

Step 3: RUN DEMO SOFTWARE or Rebuild InTP7

Now you can run the Chrismas demo, the Contoise clock demo, the DZ Dos Sheel
if you want to rebuild the chrisma demo (by sample)
Run Turbo Pascal 7.1
Click on the Files menu then Change Dir... in the tree click sur C:\ then click TREE then OK
Click on the Files menu then Open then SAPINENG.PAS
Click Compile menu
by clicking on the  Destination menu you can Toogle Memery or Disk destination
(Disk compilation will create an executble file)
then click compile the program and it units are compiled
After compilation  you can click Run That All Folk !!!

some videos:

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