DPM Platypus Holder on a Standard PLCE Yoke





Introduction: DPM Platypus Holder on a Standard PLCE Yoke

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A project using rip stop Dpm fabric, to hold a platypus and fit it on the back of a standard yoke.



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    Is this in the sense of the animal or that /\.

    You need to carry one as it doesn't have any back straps. It also has room for a few other necessities inside.
    Also you can attach webbing and it can become part of it

    Looks like it would be about the right size to hold the animal too. Don't know too much about 'em, but they probably scratch or bite or do something nasty if you mess with 'em. Might have some crossover potential for zookeepers.

    I think they have flippers so i don't think they would scratch. I could cut a hole in the bottom for its tail!

    I figured you'd want to stuff 'em in headfirst so they wouldn't be able to bite you on the back of your neck. Probably at least need a couple of air-holes.

    The fabrics breathable: bonus! I'm not convinced they bite though and I wonder if you can purify water through them?

    Oh! the water bag is a Platypus, I thought that this was some kind of platypus hydration/carrying device.