DREATOS / Headphones You Can Drink Out Of

Introduction: DREATOS / Headphones You Can Drink Out Of

This majestic pair of headphones provides a simple and easy solution to the classic water bottle. We call it “Dreatos” - a stately combination of the words “Drink,” and “Beats.” We finished it off with a dignified “O” to give it that “O” so special special ring. I thought of this idea because I realized that if you wanted a drink while listening to music, you had to have a water bottle. Those things are so inconvenient. I thought, what if the water bottle was built into the headphones? That’s how this came around. I emptied out two cans of black beans and cleaned them. Then I got out some duct tape, slammed a hole in some can lids, and connected a bunch of straws. Finally, I got them onto the headphones. It was at this moment that DREATOS was born.

Step 1: Assembling the Materials


2x Well cleaned, Empty Cans, Any Size. Do Not Use Cans From Beverages

2x Removable Plastic Can Lids 10+ Flexible Plastic Straws

1x Roll of Duct Tape

1x Set of Cheap Headphones

1x Hot Glue Gun with Extra Glue

1x Screwdriver, screw, nail, or drill, with hammer

Step 2: Breaking a Hole in the Can Lid

Take can lids, nail, screw, or hammer, break a hole through. Break two or three holes next to the main hole to make space for a straw. Try to make the hole as close to the size of the straw as you can.

Step 3: Positioning the First Straw

To begin this step, start by attaching the can lid to the can. Then, take a straw and put it through the hole in the can lid until the bottom of the straw is about a centimeter away from the bottom of the can. Since you won't be able to see it, hitting the bottom and lifting up just a tad should work. Use duct tape to secure the straw to the lid.

Step 4: Preparing the Remaining Straws

Take eight to ten straws and cut them so that the flexible part bisects the two ends. Then, cut two slits on one side of each straw, directly opposite to each other. Make sure that the slits are large enough so that you can pull the two sides apart slightly, but it shouldn't be too easy. About a centimeter should do.

Step 5: Attaching the Cut Straws

Slide the end of a straw that has the slits on it over the first straw, far enough that it is firmly in place. Secure it with duct tape. Remember that the first straw is the one already in the can. Continue this process, attaching straws to the prior one, until the straws are a fair length. This can always be adjusted.

Step 6: Attaching the Cans to the Headphones

Make sure that you have done all of the previous steps for both cans. Once you are ready, begin heating up the hot glue gun. When it is heated, put a small strip on one side of the headphones in a place where a can is able to fit. Attach can to the hot glue with firm pressure. Make sure any lip of the can lid is facing away from the headphones. Once the hot glue has dried, use duct tape to secure the can in place further. Repeat this process on the other side.

Step 7: Use Your New Headphones!

Now that your headphones are complete, you can fill the cans with your favorite beverage, attach the lid snugly, and listen to some music!

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