DRL Led Cob Lamp




This is a very simple yet stylish lamp using led cob technology that is the latest in Led innovation. The natural wood with the aluminum is sure to compliment any computer desk or bedroom nightstand and the sleek yet powerful led cobs provide a very nice cool white light.

Step 1: Parts List

1. (2) cool white DRL led Cob lights

2. 12 vdc single pole rocker switch

3. 12vdc 1250ma power adapter

4. 12" aluminum tube

5. scrap wood flooring piece less then 8" x 8"

6. (2) 3d printed brackets for holding led cobs

7. (2) small screws for brackets

8. 3d printed switch riser

9. electrical tape

9. soldering iron

10. wire

Step 2: 3d Printed Parts Optional

I decided to 3d print the led cob brackets and they only took about 15 minuntes for the pair. I also printed a riser for the switch because the wood wasnt thick enough to mount it without it sticking out the bottom. This took an additional 5 minutes of time. 3d printers are a must if your into making stuff and are well worth investment if you dont have one yet do yourself a favor and get one. The possibilities are endless with a good 3d printer, i have the robo 3d r1 plus.

Step 3: Prepare Lamp Base and Lamp Head

Cut off the tongue and groove edges from the flooring wood piece and cut the base and head to size.The base size for my lamp is 4"x 6" and the lamp head is 2.5" x 6". After those are cut to size you will need to drill out two holes into the base, one for the aluminum tube and one for the rocker switch. The hole in the head for the aluminum tube is only drilled out 75% then using a screwdriver the plug is knocked out. Then drill a hole from the side into the head to make a channel for the wires from the pipe to the edge of the head to line up with the led end. I drilled the hole for the tube about 3.5" back and centered from the sides, and drilled out the hole for the switch about an 1" from the front centered. The size of the holes used depends on your pipe diameter and switch size. Finally you want to dado a slot onto the unfinished side of the base straight through the two holes from the front to the back, making a channel for the wires to run through. Drill out a 1/4" hole on the bottom end of the aluminum tube and the wires will feed through it.

Step 4: Assembly

Wrap the wood base and head using electrical tape to give it a more finished look. Use small screws in the 3d printed brackets and slide the led cobs in, next run the wires. The positive wire from the ac adapter gets soldered to the switch and the negative wire runs up the aluminum tube to the led. Next the opposite side the switch runs up the aluminum tube and connects to the positive side of the led. Press the head onto the aluminum tube along with the base and your done. If the tube is loose use some electrical tape as a spacer around the tube, you want it to be a snug fit.

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    2 years ago


    I've never used these long COB LED's-- Do they need Heat-sinks? Do they get that hot?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    they have an aluminum backing they get a lil warm but not hot