the idea of ​​these instructions is to create a platform-based DRONE flying wing X5, here is specifying the instructions and materials needed to carry the project to a successful conclusion, this drone x5 will have as main ojetivo the ability to carry a camera photograph and make mapping.



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Step 1: The Parts Needed to Build the X5 DRONE

Step 2: The Parts Needed to Build the X5 DRONE

Step 3: The Parts Needed to Build the X5 DRONE

Step 4: The Parts Needed to Build the X5 DRONE

Step 5: The Parts Needed to Build the X5 DRONE

Step 6: The Parts Needed to Build the X5 DRONE

6- Radio with more than 6 channels.
radio options there are many options on the market, I specifically use Futaba 12FG

Step 7: The Parts Needed to Build the X5 DRONE

7-Propeller apc 9x6

Step 8: Configuration Instructions

1- download the last file Mission Planner

Step 9: Configuration Instructions

2- install mission planner
This presentation should be installed and executed after

Step 10: Configuration Instructions

3- connect APM 2.5  to PC.

Step 11: Configuration Instructions

4- install the latest firmware on the APM 2.5
The following image shows the specific values ​​of the PID for the wing X5 for firmware 2.71

Step 12: Configuration Instructions

5- set your radio to the option to fly wing.

a- elevator exponential  -30
b- aileron exponential    -20

Step 13: Configuration Instructions

6- adjusting the movement of the servo as shown below. 13 mm up and down

Step 14: Configuration Instructions

the entire assembly

Step 15: Flight Test

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    13 Discussions


    2 years ago

    can I use something other than the amp 2.5 w/ gps


    4 years ago

    Very nice write up. I love the big cavity of that. How do you think it would function as a glider? Is it stable? I am interested in a glider to return my payload from a high altitude balloon. Thanks.

    3 replies

    Hi Joe, the airframe X5 may be a good option for launch of a ballon high altitude, but x5 is a critical point, easily enters stall speed. I would recommend other options such as rvjet, I have a very good experience here I have a video.


    sounds interesting your project you can tell me more about your project?



    Thanks for the reply Jimmy. That looks like an interesting craft.

    I am interested in high altitude balloon (HAB) launches. My interest is in the payload, tracking, instrumentation, and just something fun to do with middle and high school kids. It seems like the biggest downside to HAB flights is when the payload ends up high in a tree on someone's private property. Also, the parachute can be problematic and get caught up in the gear. A better solution seems to be a flying brick that can return or at least land in a more predictable location.

    Their are challenges at 100,000-ft (30+ km). Namely that temps are below 50-deg F and air density at .33 vs 27.45 at surface. So even though its very cold, the air is not dense enough to cool the electronics. So the design has to take that into account. Also, at that temp, some plastics and tape will become brittle or stiff.

    I would like to do a controlled separation before burst to avoid the balloon shreds getting tangled in the antenna. I think then just allowing the glider to drop until there is enough air to stabilize it would be harrowing, but OK.

    My big concerns are:

    1 - would the aircraft survive the turbulence of the drop while waiting for stability?
    2 - would the aircraft be able to glide back as much as 50 miles?
    3 - would it be possible to have a return-to-home autopilot?
    4 - what will the weight of the aircraft be?


    dangelo tan

    5 years ago on Introduction

    May I know how long does it last in the air? And is it possible to control it using the PC instead of the RC?

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable.

    HI, I want to make this instructables, I'm in Colombia I understand that you also. Can you sell me the parts?