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So school has been back for a week now and here is a look that I would love to wear at school.


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Step 1:

First you want to apply a primer to your face. This is going to help your makeup last longer and can even make your makeup look a little more flawless.

Step 2:

Then with your foundation apply this all over your face taking it down your neck so there are no lines. Then take a damp beauty blender and go over your full face and this will pick up any extra fondation lying on your face and will prevent a cake face.

Step 3:

Then with your brow product you are going to want to fill in your brows as you normally would.

Step 4:

Then with your concealer apply this to your under eyes, chin, nose and forehead and blend it out with a damp beauty blender.

Step 5:

Then I like to go in with a natural glowy look by applying a cream highlighting stick to the highest points on my cheeks and nose.

Step 6:

Now you have applied your liquid items you can then apply your powder. So first apply a setting powder to the places you applied concealer to set it into place. Then with a bronzing powder apply this to your cheeks, jawline, forehead and nose to add some colour to your face. and then finally go over the highlighter with a powder one to set it.

Step 7:

Then apply mascara to the lashes and the same powder highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes to make them look open and brighter.

Step 8:

Finally go in with a lip coloured gloss as this is a great and easy way to keep the look looking fresh.

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