DS 9V Portable Charger. (first Instuctable.)




Introduction: DS 9V Portable Charger. (first Instuctable.)

Make a portable DS charger out of household stuff!

DISCLAIMER: I changed what I was doing in the middle of the project so there are different pictures. It was supposed to be a Motorolo phone charger but I forgot it was broken.

Step 1: Getting the Stuff.

Things you need:
Wire cutters
Wire strippers
A DS port thingy (i used a pair of old sp headphones jack)
Electrical tape
A thingy the battery
The 9V battery

Step 2: Cutting the Wire.

Now that you have your stuff, cut the wire of to the charger part, split it, and get the wire strippers and strip the wire and twist it.

Step 3: The Assembly.

You put the battery in the thing (I used an old RC controller to do so) and attach the wires together.

Step 4: Pluggin' Her Up!

Now, you just put the charge thing into the DS port and it should charge. It did for me.



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    7 Discussions

    This circuit will KILL your DS, they use 5V NOT 9 !!!!

    Don't make this stupid instructable.

    HeY i have the same ds as you and the anme hinge broken as you! XD

    good job on the charger just a suggestion that you add a 5v regulator to the circuit so you don't blow your ds. By the way i had the same prob with the hinge on My ds but i fixed it take a look...

    2 replies

    srry the comment ran way sideways so basically i fixed the hinge by folding a piece of tape then taping it to the sides and using it as a hinge. so a 5volt regulator is what you would add to the circuit so the ds would charge safely. Great instructable! -sk8erdude -Sk8erdude

    I'd love a brick, infact give me a couple thousand and I'll make a house. I do get to keep my DS right?

    Good Idea but I agree with Spoonty about bricking your DS. I did something similar to this for my DS lite with a dollar store car cellphone adaptor, by cracking it open and replacing the control resistors with a potentiometer.