DSL on a Mac or PC Useing Virtual PC®


Introduction: DSL on a Mac or PC Useing Virtual PC®

About: Work Work thats all i Pr

You need:
Virtual PC
512MB of RAM
-Speed it up-
(mac only)better Graphics: make sure you have a nvida graphics

thats my cat(snugerbuger)

Step 1: Download the Files

go to the download link and download the dsl-***.iso

Step 2: Make the PC(3 Weeks Later)

my laptops charger burned out and my battery's are drained out.
my dock reset ???????????

open Virtual PC
Click new
click the 1st one
click begin
click continue
click linux in os menu
Type DSL in name
click crate
click start pc

Step 3: Load the Cd

now click on the cd
click capture disk image
click on your dsl image
and now your ready

hit enter a few times till it comes up
and your ready

Step 4: Have Fun

have fun with DSL



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    what is the point for this

    the best search engine in the world it also has email online docs web hosting every thing where do i download Q

    download then totally make. Install and wait. 3 weeks later try out. fun always. never? DSL.