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this gun truly is a step ahead of most knex gun on the site. with the abilty to be a sniper (long range combat) and a shotgun( for short range combat)you can take down almost any opponent( with the exception of the sr-v1 of corse!). the ammo i have right now is:

sniper round

shotgun round

and the immportant deer slug

the credit for the bipod for the sniper goes to KillerK(took it from his sr-v1)
credit for the handle and trigger system(though i moded it) goes to the_ burrto _master.

big edit!!!!!!:

i have changed the gun a lot. now trigger system that uses the hammer on the back to cock the gun. and a popout banneut(sorry about spelling)also i made it so the sides of the gun hold 6 deer slugs. aslo i put a grip on the gun and the trigger for the banneut is right by the grip. instructions are being made hurray!!

please note that the only reason my instructable is full copyright is because i dont want people to plagerise this instructable! feel free to make the gun! and a better but

Step 1: Barrel

this is the longest part. it also uses up most of the yellow connectors you need for the gun. so make this part first because if you cant make this then there is no reason to make the rest of the gun.

pic 1: make 17. make sure to make one like pic 2 and 3.

Step 2: Trigger System

just follow the pics.

Step 3: Butt of the Gun

look at pics

in pic three notice the connection points.

Step 4: Bipod for Sniper Verson

same as the sr-v1. go look there.

Step 5: Loading and Fireing

follow the pics.

in the shotgun ammo, you put lots of blue rods in the barrel with the round.

Step 6: Have Fun

have fun with your new shotgun! dont shoot at anything that could tell the popo! dont forget to rate! please leave comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    sorry about the confusion. you need to make 17 of the part as a whole, and 3 more of just the top of it(the part with the orange connector). you will notice that in the picture, there are three parts on the barrel with different bottoms.

    dude this is awsome !!! but hey work on the stock/butt/whatev u call it ...
    4.5 * * * * '

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    try making the rifle, or better yet the DD-27 or my sniper. both are better then this and use less pieces.

    remember i told you about that m1 garand gun i'd make out of your dd 27,

    ere it is

    yes this is spam.
    thats because i love spam.

    Sorry, but this gun really isn't innovative. It does the exact same thing that the sr-v1 does, and it has the same trigger as the_burrito_master's crossbow. Innovation, would be something new that works well.

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    The sr-v1 is not completely different, it uses a slingshot system as does this one. That seems pretty similar if you ask me.