About: I like taking stuff apart

I made this sheath for my knife 8" knife using only duct tape and some plastic from a couple of yogurt containers. It took me about 10 minutes to make, only cost a few dollars for the roll of duct tape and a couple of yogurts- which i already had on hand- and it was very easy.
 I used the yogurt containers on the inside of the sheath as a lining to add durability and prevent the knife from puncturing and slicing the sheath.
 the sheath is very strong, I practiced sliding the knife in and out of the sheath a few hundred times- no exaggeration- and the sheath held up extremely well. The belt loop holds it up very nicely. something you could wear and use every day. It would probably look cool with some different  colors of  duct tape.
 try it yourself, id love to see improvements and additions  to my design.



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