Introduction: DUCT TAPECRAFT

in Asian villages people normally use coconut leaves and Palmyra leaves to make mat, boxes and crafts. here we are using duct tape to make traditional crafts.

Step 1:

make strips by folding duct tape into half (fold gummy face together as shown)

to make deer you need 4 strips and for fish 2 strips

Step 2:

as shown in figure fold the strips to make deer

Step 3:

finally finish the head and cut off the unwanted strips( leave some for legs, tail and horns)

Step 4:

take 2 strips and fold them as shown in figure to make fish

Step 5:

now turn it back side and continue as shown

Step 6:

now again turn back side and continue as shown(front and back will look same bot not really)

Step 7:

finally cut off the remaining strips as shown.

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