DUST Computer Filter Purifier

Introduction: DUST Computer Filter Purifier

~ Do at your own risk ~

I recently used some compressed air to clean layers of dust inside my computer....dust caked components.

Wanted to limit dust-intake for the future.... Sourced fabric I believe makes a reasonable dust-filter, whilst - in my opinion - still allowing PCU and graphics card fan to get enough cool air (for location of my computer in colder UK). Not the most tidy of work... covered air intakes/outflow areas of computer.

Step 1: Step 1: Dust Filter Materials (possible Options)

The dettol cleansing wipes dry out quite quickly, and a bit thicker material than the tumble-drier sheets. I used a mix of both, to act as dust-filters.

Step 2: Step 2: Low Energy Dust Attractor

Also wanted a low-energy "dust-trap". Didn't want to run an expensive 40w Air Purifier (electricity running costs add up over time). Was looking for something which 'may' (yet to be proven.. I've only just set it up) attract dust around the computer area.. to trap dust. Bought a cheap 'LAPTOP COOLER STAND 2 LARGE FANS TILT FOR 15 17" INCH LAPTOP COOLING PAD'. - I don't know the power-consumption exactly (from USB)... a guess would be 1.8-2.4W.... anyway it's massively less than a 40w air purifier. I am hoping it's powerful enough to intercept quite a lot of dust.

There was quite a few extra holes in the lap-top fan cooler (on the sides and back) which I covered up with tape, and then added more fabric 'filters' to the fan exits, to prevent dust being blown back out into the room.

Step 3: Step 3: Done

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    how about an air purifier in the room? Or use one of these : http://t.homedepot.com/p/Honeywell-14-in-x-20-in-x-1-in-Allergen-Plus-Pleated-Air-Filter-90701-011420/203145798/ And just zip tie it to the outside of a cheap box fan to get the air to circulate in the room while cleaning the air.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi the.yackitysmackity; I would really like to run an air purifier, but I don't want another device pulling 40 Watt or more. The USB 'dust attractor' seems to only use a measly 2 Watt.... and it does seem to be limiting dust around the computer. For an experiment, I borrowed a cigarette from a pal, lit it, and placed it near the back of the 'dust attractor'... and my 'USB dust attractor' pulls in all the smoke. Already I am paying $150 per month for my electricity bill. (And $150 again per month for natural gas)... so 2 Watt is all I can really afford to run. Thanks.

    This is a awesome idea... Although I must say it's a bit ghetto. You should look into how you can more elegantly implement this.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! I understand the issues with collecting dust inside of computers. The only problem I see could be with the posibility of restricting air flow to your computer. I'm sure if you upgrade your fans you would have no issues at all!