DVD Case Made From Wooden Wine Boxes

Intro: DVD Case Made From Wooden Wine Boxes

Once my DVD collection really started growing I realized I needed a compact way of toting my DVD sleeves.  Because I had love these wine boxe that had been in the garage since I can remember I decided to use them for my project. I cut the bottom and the top off two of these boxes with a table saw such that they were an appropriate height to house DVDs once stacked.  I lined the interior with plywood so that it coul fit two large stack of DVDs.  I cut small slots in the plywood so I could place a temporary support wall in the box every couple inches or so to accommodate my growing collection.  By numbering the DVDs numerically I could have an easily acceptable excel file on my computer to find which DVD was in each numbered sleeve



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    3 years ago

    Wine boxes are great for DVD/CD storage. The flip-top style lid on this piece is a great touch. If you have vinyl and records they can sometimes fit in the larger sized wine crates

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