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Introduction: DVD/CD Warp-Art

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So you stand between piles of old, stacked up DVD's/CD's and a laptop with Netflix and Spotify. What are you going to use those damn plastic disc for? Frisbee, NO. As a bracelet, NO. To stop the police measuring your speed, by hanging them in your car, NO (and busted by Mythbusters). I wondered the same thing after my last instructable on how to make cool wallpapers with a disc drive motor, stickers and a DVD/CD (Follow link to that 'ible). What could you actually do with them? Here's what I came up with:

Step 1: Materials

Motor from old DVD/CD drive

9 volt battery


Variable resistor (if you want to have speed control)

Alligator test leads



Step 2: Tools


Blow Torch

Safety equipment:

Leather gloves


Open windows (good air circulation)

Step 3: Assemble the Simple Circuit

I used my old setup: Follow link to that 'ible

But this time I used a variable resistor (instead of the resistor), to control the speed. Sometimes the disc will wobble if it accelerates too fast. It doesn't really matter, but it's always nice to be in control.

Step 4: The Burnouts (Ha, Get It?)

Now it's time to get your safety equipment on, in case of molten plastic getting too jumpy and flying in your face. We don't want anyone leaving this instuctable with 3rd degree burns all over.

First get your disc up on the motor (shiny side down) and slowly get it revving up to full speed. Now get your blowtorch out and let it warm up. Take the blowtorch and wave it from side to side, evenly warming up the surface of the disc. You'll start to see it slowly expand, and just before it tears apart, pull the heat away, and turn the motor off.

Now you'll have a unique piece of warped artwork!

P.S. I tried to film the last disc I spun, but my camera didn't have enough memory left (I didn't notice). And it's too bad, because after that, the little top on the motor melted into the disc and broke off. So I can't try again, sorry.

Step 5: Uses

You can just have them laying around, or do what I did and use them as wallart. Just hammer a nail in the wall, and use the conveniently placed hole in the disc, and hang 'em on up! Remember to have a lamp that lights it up for added effect.

Another use is to use them as bowls, at least the ones that are in the general shape of one. To keep objects from falling out in the middle (in my case components), I took two pieces of tape and stuck the 2 sticky sides together. And then patched the hole.
See pictures to better understand.

Step 6: That's It Folks!

This is an easy way to make something really cool to put on your wall or desk. The only time-consuming part is getting the motor.

Hope you liked it, and consider voting for me in the Reuse and Move It contest.

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    This is a great idea!