DIY Leg Mother Bench That Warms the Legs and the Heart!

Introduction: DIY Leg Mother Bench That Warms the Legs and the Heart!

About: I am a scientist and a writer...and now inventor of the "Leg Mother."

Fits Under Your Workstation Desk!

The “Leg Mother Bench” is my new invention which I am happy to share with you.  It will not only make you feel wonderful, but it is also soothing, healthy and therapeutic--and it easily fits under most workstation desks and tables so you can use it at work or at home.  Or if you practice Reiki or Reflexology, you can easily take your Leg Mother along on house calls.

The Leg Mother is like sitting next to a warm campfire while you work!


· Intense therapeutic moist heat and comfortable leg rest.
· Fits right under your workstation desk or table leaving room for your legs to move around.
· Approximate dimensions with pillow and heating pad--width 24", depth 18", height 20".
· Easy to carry and readily fits into your car's back seat allowing practitioners to take it on calls.
· Easy to position, rolls on casters, two of which are lockable.
· Also works as an easy-to-move, relaxing leg and foot rest with the heat off.
· Elevates your feet and legs which is great for promoting circulation.
· Includes stand, high, penetrating heat pad, and luxurious down pillow.
· You can conveniently store the pad in the base when not in use.
· Pad can also be placed on your lap, making a cold office comfortable
                        (no more fighting over the thermostat settings).
· Ordering the components is easy on the Web.


There are four components used in the Leg Mother:

· A professional quality heating pad.
· A mobile base.
· An especially well suited down pillow.
· Custom cases for your pad and pillow.

Gear Needed

· 4” Phillips head screwdriver
· bath towel
· 6’ of stout string or ribbon

Time Required

· About an hour to assemble
· Lifetime of appreciation

There are two versions to choose from.

You can enjoy the "Home/Office Leg Mother" while you are blissfully working away at your desk--or if you practice Reiki or Reflexology, use the "Therapeutic Leg Mother" version on your lucky patients.

Total Cost

The cost of the four components varies with the distributor; mine cost less than $225 including shipping.  The sources that I used  are listed with each item.

Step 1: Choose the Best Heating Pad for You.

Alternative 1.  Therapeutic Leg Mother

Thermophore MaxHEAT Arthritis Moist Heat Pad (14”x 27”)

For the therapeutic version of Leg Mother, I recommend the Thermophore MaxHEAT system from Battle Creek Manufacturing.  If you have a leg issue, like my strained Achilles tendon, this is the perfect pad for you.  If you practice Reiki or Reflexology, this will be a wonderful addition to your healing arsenal and you can take it with you to home and office therapy sessions--no bulky massage table to lug around.  This holistic healing system is also ideal for people that want the benefits of deep, penetrating heat for use at home or at work.  This is the system that I first discovered and am using as I write this.  It is a joy to use!

The Thermophore MaxHeat is a serious, high temperature heating pad that can reach temperature of 180 degrees which deeply penetrates and heals muscles and tendons.  Note that this pad has a single heat setting, but if you are familiar with the Thermophore Classic heating pad which has a manual on switch that has to be continuously depressed to function, the new MaxHeat model has a digital timer which keeps the heat on for 20 minute cycles—which you can repeat to your liking, but not have to worry whether you left your pad on!.  This pad generates a moist, penetrating heat with moisture drawn from the air.  SOURCE:  Direct from Amazon.  I recommend  the large 14" x 27" version.

Alternative 2.  Home/Office Leg Mother

TheraTherm Digital Moist Heating Pad  (14”x27”)

For home or office use or when you just want to be warm and toasty, I recommend the Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad.  The advantages of this pad are that it has variable heat settings as well as a timer.  It reaches a maximum temperature of 166 degrees which is more than enough to warm you up, but not as hot as the Thermophore which reaches 180 degrees.  Like the Thermophore, the TheraTherm draws moisture from the air and releases it as moist heat. SOURCE:  Direct from Amazon.  I recommend  the large 14" x 27" version.

Step 2: Add Your Mobile Base

The SAFCO Scoot Underdesk Printer Stand is intended to serve as an underdesk printer base, however, it is easily adapted into an ideal, mobile support for the Leg Mother.  It is the perfect size (20 ¼” x 16 ½” x 14 ½”).  With pillow and pad, the dimensions are slightly larger.  The Scoot is lightweight, yet supports 100 pounds, and the casters make it a snap to reposition.

SOURCE:  Direct from Amazon.

Step 3: Add a Down Pillow

I recommend down because of its comfort and non-flammability.  Pacific Coast Down in Seattle makes non-allergenic, down and feather pillows for the finest hotels in the world.  This pillow has just the right firmness and comfort for the Leg Mother.

SOURCE:  Direct from Pacific Coast Down.  Select “standard” size.

Step 4: Add Leg Mother Protective Cases

The cases are made from a 50/50 polyester/cotton blend that is both comfortable and soft.  The cases are silk screened by Customized Girl and shipped directly to you.  SOURCE

Step 5: Assemble Mobile Base Components

Now we will assemble the Scoot which will provide mobile support the Leg Mother.  In general, this is an easy to do job, but the instruction set only consists of  a diagram.  Here I will supplement the assembly with some words and pictures to save you time and effort.

Step 6: Assemble Sides and Back

Gather on your bench, one of the “E” panels, the “C” panel and the back set of legs (“B”). 
· Align the “E” side panel horizontally.
· Slide the back panel “C” next to the back end of the “E” panel
· Slide the back legs “B” behind the back panel “C”
· (Make sure “B” has the caster ends up).
· Attach the second “E”
· Holding the set together, loosely fasten all three panels together with two screws.

Note that the layering of metal pieces from the screw head base to the point of the screw will be “E”/”C”/”B”

Step 7: Attach the Legs and Casters

Loosely screw the front legs “A” to the top “D” (make sure the caster end is up) and snap the casters into the legs.  You have a choice of putting the two locking casters in the front, as suggested by the instructions, or in the back.  After accidentally knocking the locks several times with the brush of my feet, I suggest putting them in the back so the Scoot can always move freely (picture has them in front).

Step 8: Attach Bottom Plate

Flip the stand upright and slide the bottom panel “F” in place.  This may take some patience...and a little force... to get the “F” to seat properly and then tighten all screws.

Step 9: Customize Your Leg Mother

You may wish to tie a towel on top to soften the edges and add some color.

Step 10: Add the Finishing Touches

Finally, add the pillow and heating pad and your Leg Mother is ready to go.  Please send pics of your Leg Mother to me and I will post them on my website at

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