DYI Paracord Eyeglass Straps / Holders




Introduction: DYI Paracord Eyeglass Straps / Holders

They go by many names but this is an easy project if you have a little bit of time.  The idea is simple, make a strap to hold your glasses when not wearing them or making it tight on your head so as not to fall off.

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Step 1: Items Needed:

Items needed:

White silicone tubing - 3/16in inner diameter, 5/16in outer diameter, 1/16in wall.
Flexible adhesive
Paracord - 36 inches
Lighter - (or other source of fire to melt ends)
Rounded cord lock

Note:  Hobby shops also have loops that are used for holding glasses.  The loops are actually one loop with a crossbar to make a figure 8.  This can be used in a configuration instead of the tubing.

Step 2: Cut Tubing Into 2 - 1 3/4 Inch Pieces.

Cut the tubing into two 1 3/4 inch pieces.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive

Apply about half an inch of adhesive into the tube. Keep the end of the glue tight to the end of the tube.  After applying the glue, put your finger on the other end to stop from the glue being pulled back into the glue container when pulled away.

Step 4: Insert Paracord Into the Tube Ends.

Place your finger over the end of the tube that does not have the adhesive.  This will keep the glue from being pushed too far down the tube as the paracord is inserted.

Push the paracord into the end with the adhesive while keeping your finger on the other end.

The adhesive will form around the paracord, If after the adhesive dries, and the paracord slips out when pulled, repeat this step using the same parts.  The adhesive may not have filled enough around the cord and may not have made a good enough bond.  Repeating this step will fill in the gaps and make a better seal.  You may also try to roughen up the inside of the tubes with sandpaper (not shown).  Other items can be used to clamp the end around the paracord as well.

Repeat Step #3 and Step #4 to set both ends.

Let the adhesive dry overnight.

Step 5: Add the Rounded Cord Lock.

Fold the paracord in half and press the loop through the hole in the cord lock.  This may take some wiggling to get through.  The button that releases the lock needs pressed at the same time that the paracord is pressed in.

Step 6: Slip Ends Onto Your Glasses.

Slip the open ends of the tubes onto your glasses (not shown attached to glasses).

Adjusting the cord lock will loosen and tighten the cord around your neck or head.  Tightening allows for your glasses to stay on without dropping off while loosening allows for your glasses to dangle around your neck or be removed from your body.


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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You could forgo the adhesive if you heated the paracord to the point where it balled up. Then insert it into your tubing and tie a constrictor knot of the inner strand materials. After that, you would pull back on the cord to snug it against the knot.

    YouTube is an excellent source for constrictor knot videos.