Da Vinci Code Cryptex MK II

Introduction: Da Vinci Code Cryptex MK II

For my second attempt at a Cryptex i decided to make it out of hand turned, fully metal components  the metals i am using are Brass and Aluminium. I wanted to make a metal follow up to my first Cryptex as a cheaper alternative to the ludicrously expensive ones you can buy online, i preferred the metal look as it makes it look more realistic so here it is!

Component list:
Inner Tube (Aluminim)
Middle Tube (Aluminium)
Outer Ring's (x6) (Brass)
Pins (x5)
End Caps (x2) (Brass)

Tools Used:
Metal  lathe 
Metal file
600-1200 grain sand paper
various measuring tools

References/ inspiration:

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Step 1: Designing the Cryptex

Thease are all of the designs and specifacations of the Cryptex, this covers almost all of the cryptex bar a few things that i changed during creation, for example the blocker ring that stops the keys from slideing off when the cryptex is open

Step 2: End Caps

to make the end caps i turned a solid brass bar that was approx. 50mm down to i then used an ordinary metal file to curve the edges, after this i sanded and polished the metal so that it was perfectly smooth, then i cut the piece off at 30mm, it is crucial that the end caps are thick enough to be able to incorporate the inner and middle tubes. once the end caps were finished i then drilled out a section the  size of the tubes so they could be insurted and glued in place

Step 3: Inner and Middle Tubes

i started with two ordinary aluminium pipes which fitted perfectly on to each other, i used the lathe to make them smaller and more accurate to the dimensions that i needed.
On the outer ring i cut a slit down to were it would meet the end cap, once this was done i cut the tube down to the correct length and glued it in to the end cap with epoxy resin.
For the inner tube i measured how long it would need to be and cut it down to size, once this was done i measured out were the pins had to be inserted, i marked out there position and then drilled the holes.

Step 4: Pins

The pins are very strate forward but quite fiddley all you need to do is create a step, the thinner needs to be the same siza as the holes in the inner tube, once this is done they need fileing to the correct size and inserting in to the holes

Step 5: Outer / Key Rings

the key rings are fairly complex, once you have the correct thickness you then need to create an indent along the inside the thickness of the pins, once this is done it needs to be parted from the rest of the tube and then useing a file a nother indent is created which you can see in the pictures

Step 6: Outer Ring Alphabet

The Outer ring alphabet was done useing printable adhesive paper, i printed on the alphabet which i had made in photo shop, cut up the strips and then stuck them on, makeing sure that i got the corect letter over the gap.

Step 7: Puting It All Together

this section is fairly strate forward, had to glue the coresponding endcaps to the correct inner tubes, then slide the key rings on, once the key rings are on you then need to use a thin ring and glue it to the top useig something along the lines of apoxy resin,this will stop the rings from slideing off

Step 8: Finished Cryptex!

This project eventualy took much longer to compleat than i had thourght at first, it would have taken me aprox. 20 howers to make from scrach, however i feel that it was very much worth the work, the mechanics of the cryptex work very well and the keys are smooth when turning, unlike my previous cryptex this one actualy works with out any hassle. over all i am so much more pleased with my second cryptex in both its asthetcs and function, as the old one pretty much dosent work any more.

please leave any comments below and i will try and answer them to the best of my ability.

and sorry for the spelling mistakes, i am rather crap at it

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