Da Vinci Code Cryptex MK I





Introduction: Da Vinci Code Cryptex MK I

I have made a A Da Vinci Code style cryptex, it is made out of 4 pipes, two metal and two plastic, the caps are made out of wood. in total this took about 6 hours to make

Thanks to merijnvw for giving me basic instructions on how to make it

P.S. i am currently working on a second cryptex which will be almost completely metal (aluminium and brass) which i will turn on a metal lathe 



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    Looks cool but where are your instructions on how to do it?

    I've always thought a crpytex was cool but I can't think of anything to stash in it... Anyways, that metal one sounds like it'll be cool!

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    If you make a USB journal/diary, or just write down your secrets, this is a perfect place. Marcus, thank you so much!

    cheers, it fits a usb stick quite well so it is quite a good place to hide certain films that you may not want people to find...

    Im planning on making one of these with a 3 d printer. This was great inspiration