Dab Tool Keychain

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In this instructable i am going to provide you puffers out there with a quick tutorial on how to whip together a badass dab tool/keychain to take with you everywhere you go. because lets face it, if your Loyal to the Oil as i myself am, everyones had that one time they didnt have a tool with them and are left with a sticky mess. by the way...215 Compliant.... =D

Step 1: Gather Material

its preferable to use titanium or steel due to use of certain chemical compounds and poisons in other metals that you dont want in your body st alllll... any long thin piece of steel you can find laying around with atleast a length of 8 inches will work, hanger, most chain link fences, i used an old marshmallow skewer which happened to be perfect. you also need plyers, a file, and if you uave a spare keychain, that works as well

Step 2: Start and Finish!

after you have a small idea of design go ahead and get your needlenose and start turning and twisting which ever way it is you desire until your tool is up to par. i made mine so when you have it sitting down anywhere, the end is elevated so your product wont be tainted :) file the tool to whatever shape you desire. give it a good burning with the torch before use to ensure all chemicals burnt away.. good dabbing people!!



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