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Introduction: Daddy Circle Dress

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Pretty girls should have pretty things.  Or, in the case of my beautiful girls, pretty things-that-I-cobble-together-with-no-clear-idea-of-what-I'm-doing. But this fabric was a buck a yard so here goes nothing.

Isn't she beautiful? Ack, my heart!

Step 1: Snippy Snippy

Cut these pieces. Sleeves, back, fronts and skirts.
Don't clench up about not having exact measurements. There's plenty of wiggle room built into this dress since the front overlaps and can be hemmed up the front to make it smaller if needed. Just cut everything overlarge.

Step 2:

Stitch the skirt halves together. You can hem the bottom now if you like or wait to see if it is suitable length then hem it.

Overcast the sides (not the arm holes! I did that the first time. I disappoint myself) and the shoulders of the fronts and the back.

Quick with the sleeves. Isn't this easy?

Sleeves to the bodice. Starting to look like something.

Ruche the sleeves. To be honest, I don't know what ruching (?sp) is. Did I mention that I have no idea how to do this? But I always think I can figure anything out if I try.  This supposition is frequently wrong but I never learn from that.

Completed bodice. Now put this inside the skirt, right sides together and stitch around. Before you do this make sure you have the right waist size because this is not stretchy.

And #7...

Step 3: She, Herself.

...Tell her how beautiful she looks until she can't stand it anymore.



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    15 Discussions

    Absolutely adorable. You did an excellent job on the dress as well.


    4 years ago

    So cute

    Awww... What a cutie! Is this the same one who got the Dice Ring? (Lucky kid!)

    for posting that you have no idea how to do this - it looks amazing!!!! great job!

    You made this? She is absolutely adorable!!!! And the dress is so cute! Wow - impressive!!!!

    She is so cute.

    Let me make a suggestion to improve your skirt. I made a dance skirt for my daughter 15 years ago. Instead of cutting your two semicircles from 0 to 180 degrees, cut each piece from 0 to 270 degrees. Essentially there will be two pieces that are three quarters of a circle.

    Instead of having a just 360 degrees, the skirt will have 360 plus an additional 180 degrees. This extra material allows your daughter to do full spins with her skirt at a 90 degree angle with her legs and still have enough extra fabric in a ruffled fashion so as to hide her panties. I still bought my daughter dance panties for under her skirt since young ladies do silly things like cartwheels or hanging from monkey bars in a dress!!

    1 reply

    Not my girls. They're always perfect ladies... or not.
    That is a great suggestion. I need all the help I can get! :)

    Your daughter is adorable. I hope she is impressed by your seamstressy skills!