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Over the summer, I was turned on to some of the most excellent, and varied music group's I have ever heard; Daft Punk.

With their hidden identities, which basically launched their world-wide success in the music business, many have attempted to re-create Thomas Bangalter's and Guy-Manuel's uber-sweet looking helmets.

Starting in early August 2008, I went out and searched teh_intarwebz far and wide for instructions on how to make one. No such luck. However I did find a Pepakura File of both Guy's and Thomas' helmets. Along with some fan-created helmets. I found it, I found my 'End-of-Summer-To-Late-Fall' project.

Step 1: Pepakura Viewer

I downloaded the files for Thomas' helmet first. After seeing that his looked way easier than Thomas' I went with the intent of re-creating his helmet.

I have made Thomas' helmet, but if you are looking for a challenge, use some of the tips from this instructable to make Thomas' helmet.

First, you will want to download Pepakura Viewer, which is a program that lets you view paper craft items that other users have made.

Once you have downloaded Pepakura Viewer, download Thomas' helmet, here. I didn't build the full helmet, as I knew ahead of time that my head was too big for the paper version. So I improvised, and used a hard-hat as my base, and attached the front of the paper helmet to it with masking tape. I'm sorry that I don't have any build pictures of the paper helmet face part. When cutting out the shapes, each edge has a number, which you tape/glue/attach to the corresponding number.

Step 2: Start Building!

I suggest having a smooth base to start with, I chose a hard-hat, but a baseball helmet would work great! Once I had assembled the front of Guy's helmet, I used masking tape to attach it to the hard-hat. I figured to cover the whole paper front in masking tape for extra rigidity. I cut a soda can in half for the 'ears' of the helmet. They were the hardest to position, as I wanted them as parallel to each other as possible, and held them in place with masking tape.

I used a bit of paper mache to make a shell of sorts, and covered the whole helmet in paper mache. Since it takes about 24 hours for it to completely dry, I decided against it, and changed to using bondo, or body filler.

Once all was taped up and secure, I went ahead and applied a healthy amount of bondo to the front of the mask, to the helmet. When working with bondo, you have a set amount of time before the bondo starts to harden. I usually apply a golf-ball size glob of goop, and a small squirt of the hardening agent to the mass, and mix and apply with an old credit card.

This process takes a long time, but the more time spent doing smooth, uniform strokes, the less time sanding. I wish I would have known that earlier...

Step 3: Sanding/Cutting/Shaping

I looked at many different images of Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter, and his helmet, after a few guesstimates, I had drawn out where the visor would be positioned. It took about 2 hours to cut the hole for the visor, as I applied a wicked amount of bondo to the area..

As I mentioned in the previous step, the more time spent on the bondo-ing process, the less time is needed for sanding. Some people like to sand, I, am not one of those people. First I used my Dremel, with a sanding bit, and went around all the rough edges. I used a 30 grit sanding block to do most of the bulk sanding, shaping, forming, etc. After I did that, I used a 60 grit to smooth the bondo out, and make sure I have a uniform surface. For final sanding touches, I went over the whole helmet with a 180 grit sanding block.

The whole sanding process can be from 5 to a Bajillion hours, depending how much time you have..
Again, I wish I had known this earlier..

Step 4: Painting, and More Sanding, Visor

I gave the helmet a few coats of white primer before adding the chrome-ish finish. While painting, some blemishes that were nowhere to be seen while sanding will arise, at this time you can add a small dab of bondo, and sand smooth. The helmet won't be mirrored as much as Guy's real helmet is, but it will give you a good taste of what it is.

I bought a face shield from my local hardware store, and cut the shape of a visor out of it. This process was strictly trial and error. Once I had a good shape, I put automobile window tint on it, to archive a darker look. I used hot glue to 'tack' the visor into the helmet, and used bondo to make a flush seal along the outer edge of the visor.

Step 5: Inside the Helmet!

I used a bit of 1/2 inch foam applied to the inside of the helmet, and lined it with dark fabric. I wore a crisp white button-up shirt, under a black blazer with some black gloves to complete the look.

If I had more time to work on my costume, and some more electrical sence, I would have definitely added some EL wire to my costume for legitimacy. I hope you liked the instructable, watch out for next year when I tackle Guy-Manuel's helmet! :O

***I know I don't have any pictures, I will have some up tomorrow. I need to get them off a friends camera so I can add them here, I am only publishing the instructable so I can enter the Halloween Contest!***

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    5 years ago

    i can make a better than that. Actually, important making one right now for comic con again


    5 years ago on Step 2

    just a tip but don't go heavy on the bondo. Just enough to smooth it out. Not a thick layer and then smooth it out that takes too much time


    7 years ago on Introduction

    umm dude i think u got ur names mixed up a little here. thomas is the one your doing in this instructable. guy-manuel is the one with teh gold astronaut helmet.

    Clayton H.

    9 years ago on Introduction

    making one from a $8 baseball helmet from walmart. Don't get how to assemble the paprika file so I decided to fill and smooth out the helmet. so how do you assemble it?

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    "We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site." You try getting it right next time, buddy.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    this a pretty good quick simple one but if u really wana go all out then check this out


    I found this site that sells deadmu5 heads cheaper than others and have many options
    They have the LED equalizers too which is pretty awesome


    10 years ago on Step 1

    Hey, I downloaded both the Viewer and the helmet, and when I try to open the helmet it says the helmet is from a newer version of the viewer.. but I have the same one it shows in that picture..

    6 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    .pdo... Like it should be.. I still don't get it.. Do I need 3.X.X? cause now it says I got 1.X.X All help is greatly appreciated..


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm, The only thing I would know to suggest would be to uninstall, then reinstall it.. I know its a pain in the ass, but its all the help I can suggest.. Sorry..


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I stumbled on this looking for something else, and tried the download,,and I have the same problem stimky has.  It will not open the file and asks for it to be upgraded, but at their site, the only upgrade is to pay for the Deluxe service.

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I do NOT know why my printing got all small, in the above post, I did not Change the formatting...