Daft Punk Helmet

Introduction: Daft Punk Helmet

first print off template for front of helmet on card and tape in place . using wooden sticks strengthen...

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Step 1:

next cut out fiberglass sheet in same shape as printout then paint over with the resin . fiberglass kit i used was 12 quid from halfords...

Step 2:

then once trial fitted and happy begin applying p38 car body filler and keep applying it and sanding it back until you get the imperfections out .this is the most tedious bit ...

Step 3:

using a jigsaw carefully cut out the rear of the helmet to get the shape right ...

Step 4:

fill any unwanted features on your baseball helmet ...

Step 5:

using card place over front of helmet and mark from inside the profile of what to cut out for the visor . once you have the shape right cut using a cutting disc on a dremel tool ...

Step 6:

using boiling water submerge visor to enable the visor to bend when fitting . deburr the edges and hot glue into position...

Step 7:

mask up the helemet and spray the car window tint spray (amazon) ...

Step 8:

check visibility in many different lights . This was especially important for me as my helmet is being used on a stag do night out hence the fancy dress so i didnt want it too light to see in but not too dark to see out , so i applied about three coats evenly...

Step 9:

tape up visor once dry ready for helmet paint ....

Step 10:

apply primer evenly all over around three coats ...

Step 11:

next spray helmet in satin black which should help you get that deep shine once the chrome plasticoat spray is applied ...

Step 12:

using a scrolling led belt buckle which i also got from amazon hot glue into position and glue a support in ...

Step 13:

once again remask visor and spray plasticoat chrome spray on evenly in light coats every 20 mins for desired effect . This is currently where i am at its very nealry done i shall make a final instructable when im finished .

Step 14:

Step 15:

Step 16:


Step 17:

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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago

    hello this is jared once more i still dont have a daft punk helmet and i was woundering if your still interested in making me a custum helmet


    Reply 3 years ago

    hi jared sorry for the late reply been busy ... your looking at £99.99 and take a while to make with my current shift work when do you need it ?


    4 years ago

    hey this jared i was woundering if you could make me a custum daft punk helmet?


    i know your probaly wanting a bout 100 dollars for the helmet but i was wondering can you make the guy manual vizor for me


    hey man this is packly ponns im wonder how can you send a helmet to me?


    Reply 4 years ago

    I could send in post but id have to make another as I Have sold that one .