Daft Punk Helmet Build(Not Finished Yet!)

Introduction: Daft Punk Helmet Build(Not Finished Yet!)

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I have decided to make a Thomas helmet from Daft Punk. It's still making in the process though. I need more money :3

**EDIT** Right now, im starting on a Guy-Manuel helmet. My friend wanted to be thomas so he forced me too do guy since we were doin a duo for halloween._.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Let me know if you happen to figure a cheap way to do the Guy helmet, that still looks good, since I too am doing a duo for halloween, but lack funds to make an emaculate one. I figured out the thomas helmet thus far, doing a baseball helmet as well, so soon as I find one. -_-


    This is great for people like me who don't have a lot of money or time to make an expensive one.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    nice idea starting with a batting helmet....really reduces a lot of the work