Daft Punk Jacket




Introduction: Daft Punk Jacket

For those of you who want to dress up as Daft Punk. The internet has empowered me to make my costume and I'm giving back by documenting the process. There are nearly 400 points on this stencil, feel free to count them and post in the comments.

To make the jacket I used:


Belt hole punch (found mine at the Army Surplus store)

Silver Metallic Sharpie


Painter's tape

Electrical Tape

A wooden board (wooden cutting board or scrap plywood)

(Optional) 5mm Studs (search ebay under: Crafts > Home Arts & Crafts > Leathercraft > Accessories > Spots)

I plan on using these studs in the future: http://www.ebay.ca/

Step 1: Stencil

The attached image for this step is the result of many hours fine tuning the placement of the circles from another image I found using Google image search. I was rather OCD and made all the spots perfect circles in photoshop so that I'd punch them out accurately later. Now that the image is public, all are spared this effort.

What you need to do:

Print this out on 22x17" LEDGER paper, or print the two halves on normal printer paper with a bit of overlap and carefully join them together with painter's tape. Experiment until you get the size right.

Step 2: Punching the Holes

First off, whatever you do this on top of will get marked up / destroyed. I had an old wood cutting board which was perfect for the task. Plywood would work great too.


Rotate the wheel so that the 5mm punch is on the outside opposite the striking block.

As you can see from the picture, I used tape to lock the handles together.

Position the 5mm punch over each hole and then hit the outside of the striking block with a hammer. I put electrical tape over the back of the striking block to prevent the hammer from creating metal dust & debris.

There are nearly 400 points on the stencil, be ready for a bit of a workout!

Step 3: Marking the Jacket

Place the jacket over a flat surface where the back won't have wrinkles. This could be an ironing board, a stool or a conveniently small night stand.

Use the painter's tape to secure the stencil to the jacket. We are using painter's tape, so that we do not leave marks on the jacket.

Carefully make circles with the silver Sharpie.


Try to keep the circles all the same size.

Keep the paper from wrinkling as you work.

Try to stay consistent with how you fill each hole.

Be patient.



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