Dairy-free Pasta With Home Grown Mushrooms

Introduction: Dairy-free Pasta With Home Grown Mushrooms

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Yesterday evening, I invented this lovely Dairy-free creamy pasta dish! I used home-grown oyster mushrooms in here. A while ago, my husband bought me a DIY package with spawn of oyster mushrooms in it. Home-grown makes all the difference in flavor! So delicious, so good, so meaty-like! :) How I grew them, I tell you all later in a separate post! The first time, we had 85 gr & now, yesterday evening, I had 125 gr! Not bad, hey?

These sort are blue oyster mushrooms! They look cool, right? Now, on to the lovely pasta dish!

See 2nd picture above!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients!

Recipe: For 5 persons


350 gr spelt penne ( 4 cups)

120 gr oyster mushrooms, I used home-grown, cleaned & cut up into larger pieces ( 2 full cups, measured when cut up )

2 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & finely chopped

1 big leek, (150 gr) well rinsed, cleaned, pad dry on a towel, cut up into smaller pieces ( 2 cups, measured when chopped)

355 gr brown mushrooms, cleaned, cut up into smaller pieces (4 cups, measured when cut up )

200 gr smoked bacon pieces

a fruity extra virgin olive oil

dairy-free baking margarine ( because I must eat lactose-free)

black pepper

Maldon sea salt

1 packet of 250 ml soy cream (1 cup )

Step 2: Method!

Take a large cooking pot & heat up on medium-high. When hot, add some drizzles of olive oil & swirl around the pot. Add leek & garlic & fry for a few minutes. Add some grins of black pepper & a pinch or two of sea salt. I added a splash of hot water to the pot & instantly put the lid on. This way the leek will steam a bit & is ready quicker! Set aside.

Now, in a large non-stick pan & in 2 batches, add some olive oil & a few knobs of baking margarine. When hot, add chopped brown mushrooms & fry until browned on both sides & cooked through. Lower your heat if you need to. At the end, add some grins of black pepper & a pinch of sea salt. Taste. They have to taste juicy & fab! Add them to the same pot with leek & garlic. Repeat this process with the rest of the brown mushrooms. After that is done, heat up the same pan on medium. Add smoked bacon pieces, but NO OIL! Fry until browned, crispy & cooked through on all sides. Place double kitchen paper on a clean plate & pour your smoked bacon pieces on it. With double kitchen paper, dip of the excess of fat. Add this to pot with mushrooms-garlic-leek & stir through. In the meantime, cook your penne according to your packet instructions. Drain. Use the same cooking pot & heat up on medium. Pour your soy cream in it & add some black pepper & some sea salt. Stir continuously & heat up.

See 1st picture above!

Reduce it a bit & pour 1/2 of it through your veggies-smoked bacon mix. Heat up again & add cooked drained pasta. Add more soy cream, until you reach a creamy pasta. I had a leftover soy cream. It will look something like this: See 2nd Picture above!

Now, use same frying pan as before, add some olive oil & some knobs of baking margarine, but not too much! When hot, add chopped oyster mushrooms & pan fry them until browned & cooked through. Finally, add some seasoning. See 3rd picture above! Place your cooked pasta mix to lovely clean white pasta bowls & top, evenly divided, of course, your browned oyster mushroom pieces. Enjoy with a loved one! :) MMM,…

You can also find this tasty recipe here on my blog : http://sophiesfoodiefiles.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/creamy-pasta-dish-home-grown-oyster-mushrooms/

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