Nature Proof Daisy Candle

Intro: Nature Proof Daisy Candle

It's water proof, dirt proof, fire proof (duh), and even snow proof.

Step 1: Prepping the Container

Take the can apart and put a small hole in the top using a nail, or a small drill bit.

Step 2: Finding a Wick

Take an old strip of fabric and cut off 1/2 in by 4 in

Step 3: Put the Wick in to the Hole

Take a small nail, then push the fabric into the hole in the top

Step 4: Take Needle Nose Pliers and Pull the Wick Threw Leaving a 1/8th of an Inch Sticking Out the Top

Step 5: Fill the Bottom of the Can Half Way With Torch Fuel, or 100 % Vegetable Oil

Step 6: Screw the Top on to the Bottom

Step 7: To Control Size of Flame You Can Pull the Wick in or Out

Step 8: Light It Up, and Enjoy



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