Daisy Chain Earrings

Introduction: Daisy Chain Earrings

Festival season is about to start, so I thought it'd be a great idea to show you how to make daisy chain stud earrings. They're super easy to make and a great activity for kids!

This is what you need:

- 10 white 4mm Czech faceted round beads

- 2 black seed beads

- White Nymo beading thread

- Beading needle

- 2 stud bases

- Strong glue

As you can see, there are barely any tools involved. Just make sure you choose for white (or light coloured) Czech beads, as the Nymo thread will be visible through the pattern.

Enjoy the tutorial!

Step 1: Create a Daisy Shape

Start by creating a daisy shape out of 5 white 4mm Czech faceted beads and 1 seed bead. Take a long length of thread and thread the 5 white beads on the wire using a beading needle. Thread back through the first 3 beads and pull to make the flower.

Step 2: Thread on the Seed Bead

Next, thread on a seed bead. You do this by going through the opposite bead to the seed bead. If you do it correctly, the seed bead will now sit in the middle. Pass the thread back through all the beads to make it sturdier.

Knot the ends of the thread together and seal it with glue.

Step 3: Add Studs

Glue the daisy to your stud base with a strong adhesive, such as Zap jewellery gel or Epoxy, and voilà, your daisy chain earrings are done! They're the perfect spring accessory for kids but can also be worn on sunny days or at festivals.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget you can make them in any colour you like!

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