Daisy and Paisley 60s Earrings




It's my neighbours Jasmine's birthday on Saturday and she is having a 1966 party - I want to give her a pair of earrings made out of plastic bags; I have already published an instructable on upcycling plastic bags and I think that they will be perfect for a pair of 60s earrings.


I Google 60s earrings and find this great picture of Twiggy, Jasmine's dress is white so these will be great.

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Step 1: Ingredients

  • Plastic bags
  • Iron
  • Baking Paper
  • Printed template
  • Scissors
  • 2 part epoxy
  • toothpicks
  • 1 pair of sterling silver ear posts and butterflies
  • Pliers


  • Sharpie pen
  • Nail polish
  • Single hole punch

Step 2: Template

The PDF is probably the one to print, I have just put a JPG up to show what's on it.

I have made the earrings quite large, but the PDF can be printed smaller.

Step 3: Ironing

I have found it difficult to get the heat right, I start at "synthetic" and it's taking so long I go to "silk" and suddenly the plastic is very melted.

Step 4: Cutting

Use the template to cut the shapes, the different colours are grouped separately.

After cutting the shapes were still a bit curved so I left them overnight in between the magazines.

Step 5: And Pasting

My original idea had been to fuse the flowers on, but they were just too thick.

So I glued the flowers on first, then the earring backs.

Step 6: Fiddling

Make the holes in the earrings and thread the jump ring through them, because the earrings are very light I haven't glued them.

Step 7: Where Is the Paisley - It's Here.

So it turns out Jasmine is wearing a pink dress. This gives me an opportunity to try fusing the plastic. I already had the white from the daisies so I ironed some thin pieces of pink, cut them and then ironed them onto the white. The same principle as before - starting as low as possible and increasing the temperature very gradually.

Step 8: More Is More

The fused plastic seems too boring so I get out the nail polish, still not enough so I get out the fibre tip pens, I use the one that seems blackest and most hardy which is the Sharpie rub-a-dub.

Step 9: Bonus Earring

I am wearing black and white to Jasmine's party so I make a pair for myself as well.

I use a hole punch to make the holes and the same Sharpie to draw on them.

Because I don't have pierced ears I glue clips to the back rather than posts.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    I think these are quite thick - about 16 layers, I fold the bag in half and iron then keep folding and ironing until it's as thick as I need.