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Introduction: Daisy-chamomile Moisturizing Cream

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This year’s Mother’s Day gift was an easy decision. There are beautiful blooming herbs everywhere and I decided to use the daisies to make a moisturizing cream for my mom.

I also added chamomile essential oil. Both herbs have anti-inflammatory effects and the chamomile is soothing for the skin and gives the cream a beautiful scent.

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Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

To make aprox. 50 grams of this cream you need:

- 5 handful of daisies (bellis perennis)

- 400ml of distilled water (be prepared to add more)

- 15ml of cold-pressed almond oil

- 10 drops of Cosgard preservative

- 8 drops of chamomile essential oil

- 2g of Cetyl Alcohol (emulsifier)

- 3g of Glyceryl Stearate (emulsifier)

- pot with lid

- heatproof bowl

- 2 glasses

- small hand whisk or small electrical frape whisk

- cream container

Step 2:

From the daisies and distilled water, prepare the hydrolate. The tutorial on how to make the hydrolate is here. You will need 35ml of the flower water.

Step 3: Prepare the Base

Put the flower water in one glass and the almond oil and both emulsifiers in another glass. (picture 1)

Place both glasses in the pot with water and slowly heat the water until the emulsifiers dissolve. (picture 2)

Step 4:

Pour the contents of both glasses together and whisk. (picture 1)

Add the preservative and the essential oil. (picture 2)

Whisk until you have a nice dense cream. (picture 3)

Put the cream in a nice container, especially when it's a gift. Store it in a cold place or even a fridge.

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