"Daisy in a Pot" Costume

Introduction: "Daisy in a Pot" Costume

This was a fun costume to create. For the petals I bought foam material, cut it in the shape of petals. I bought some flexible wiring and glued it to the bottom of the foam petal. I then covered the petals with a silky white material and the internal wire allowed me to create some shape to the petal. I attached a plastic ladybug to one of the petals (not too clear in picture). For the center of the flower I attached yellow pom poms to a cap so my daughter could wear it easily. She was also wearing a green bodysuit with green tights. I purchased a plastic flower pot and cut out the bottom. I painted it to make it look prettier as shown in the picture. I attached some red cotton material to the top of the pot with craft glue. I then used the top portion of the material to create a sort of skirt that gathered and tied at the waist. The higher the pot is on the waist the easier it is to walk. Black shoes completed the outfit......hope you enjoy and give it a try :-)

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