Dalek Costume Halloween 2014

My 10 year old son said, "Mom, a Tardis is too simple. No one believes I can make a Dalek, so I will make a Dalek."

We couldn't find a template online so we Googled Dalek Cardboard Costumes.

  • Gathered materials
    • large cardboard sheets came from refrigerator boxes and from what must have been protective packaging around flat maps or plastic because they measured, broken down, 48" X 72" approx.
    • Gorilla Tape, Duck Tape (silver), Painter's tape, masking tape
    • Brass fasteners
    • Spray paint (gold and a bronzy brown)
    • small toilet plunger for Sucker Arm
    • paint roller for the Gun
    • flashlight, blue highlighter, and vacuum tube for the Eye
    • plastic ornament balls that were already in halves for the Globes
    • black foam tube insulation for bumper/Power System
    • black plastic mesh and wooden dowels for neck
    • LED stick on lights for the top of the head
    • clear plastic ice cream cups for light covers
    • a disposable fruit bowl cover that I cut up to create a track on which head could pivot
    • mini hot glue gun
  • I used box cutter on big pieces because I didn't want the boy to get hurt.I free cut the shapes and scored and bent the cardboard to get the base.
    • I used masking tape on the outside, believing spray paint would adhere better and Gorilla Tape or Duck Tape on the inside to reinforce the seams
  • Son cut up tissue boxes to create small boxes for the Gun and Sucker Arm
  • Son used one of the ornament domes and molded Gorilla tape to create the dome from which Sucker Arm emerges
  • Son wrapped everything in Silver Duck Tape for metallic finishes on Arm and Eye
  • Son spray painted EVERYTHING (a definite highlight of homemade costumes)
  • Son measured and placed painter's tape where he would place globes on the base and then hot glued all the globes
  • Son used brass fasteners to hold the gold pieces along the neck
  • I took the plastic dome from the fruit bowl lid and taped cardboard to it and a cardboard ring to create the head. Head ring fits in the plastic track so it pivots and Son can turn it when he turns his head.
  • Gorilla Taped foam bumpers/Power System




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    6 Discussions


    very cool. you should get a pic with the Tardis. the book store in Ingersoll ont has a perfect one with sound effects and everything


    4 years ago on Introduction

    You are a great mom. This looks SO good! All his friends are going to love the Dalek costume. Bravo!


    4 years ago

    I'm actually working with my son on the same costume. It's a task.


    4 years ago

    I think my son did. I plan on showing a few closeups of each section.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my, this so cool! What an excellent costume.

    Did you happen to take any photos of the Dalek costume as you were building it? If you did, those would be great to add in a couple of steps to help others if they wanted to try to duplicate this. This is a wonderful costume. Thanks so much for sharing this!