Dalek Halloween Costume

Introduction: Dalek Halloween Costume

About: I like to Create things, destroy things, and learn about things in the process.
Completed my daughters Dalek costume she loved it.

Eye Stalk- ingredients:
 1. aluminium tube ( 7-11 Slurpee Straw)
 2. tension knob from an old chair
 3. plastic ring from old chair
 4. corrugated plastic(old yard signs)
 5. diffuser screen out of old cell phone screen

Head Lights- ingredients:
1. Dollar store plastic salt and pepper shakers
2. Metal duct tape
3. Blinking LED t-shirt lights (pre-assembled) Still learning in the electronics dept.

Main head- ingredients:
1. Dollar store tiki bowl
2. Rustoleum Metallic Copper
3. Sheet Styrofoam
4. Gray duct tape(to protect foam from spray paint)
5. Dollar store clothes basket

Body- ingredients:
1. 35ft 1/2in cpvc
2. 4-45 Deg. connectors
3. 8- 90 Deg. connectors
4. 9- T connectors
5. 5- 2x4 Foam sheets
6. 10- Corrugated plastic signs
7. Rustoleum Metallic copper
8. Rustoleum Metallic gold
9. Duct tape
10. Paint roller
11. Blower tube
12. pool noodle

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, mid section giving me most challenges need it rigid enough to hold itself up but light enough for a 10 yr old girl to carry.