Dalia Cheela | Broken Wheat Pancake

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Dalia Cheela or Broken Wheat Pancake is a very very healthy breakfast recipe which is nutritious and complete meal. A rare pancake recipe...

Ingredients: Broken Wheat/ Dalia – 1 cup/200gms Fresh coriander – 1 cup Curd – 1 cup Cheese – 200 gms Salt, Black pepper – As per taste

Step 1:

In a pan mix 1 cup curd and 1 cup water. Boil this mixture and add dalia. Soak dalia for half hour. Grind to form a nice paste and add little salt. Keep this batter for fermentation for 2-3 hours in sunlight.Once ready prepare pancakes on hot griddle using little oil.For stuffing, prepare a mixture of mashed cheese and coriander. Add salt and black pepper as per taste.Add the cheese stuffing at the centre of dalia pancake and fold it.Serve hot dalia pancake with ketchup.



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