Dalselv Ikea Lounging Couch

Introduction: Dalselv Ikea Lounging Couch

My boyfriend and I just moved into our new place; when we found ourselves without a couch large enough for the whole family (him, me, and our pets), we made this lounging couch out of an IKEA DALSELV Full Bed (that I already had) and a discarded headboard (found in the garbage outside of my old place). No more spot stealing!

Admittedly, this is a quick and dirty job. Start to finish, it took no more than a half-hour.

Materials Needed:
-IKEA Dalselv Bed (full or twin)
-Extra Dalselv Headboard (any size-preferably larger or same size as frame headboard)
-IKEA Bed slats to fit frame
-Mattress to fit frame (full or twin--top only. Boxspring not needed).
-Power Drill
-Drill Bit (1/2")
-Heavy Bolt to fit predrilled holes in headboard. Wing-nut.
-Heavy Wood Screws
-Pillows, sheets, etc.

Step 1: Get an IKEA Dalselv Frame

I already had the IKEA DALSELV full bed frame that I had been using for a bed for the last year. We planned to put it in our office, but there was not enough room.

If you'd like more of a standard sized couch, the twin bed frame would work better (especially with a full or queen headboard for the whole "fainting couch" style look). However, the full is what we happened to have on hand.

Make sure you have slats and a mattress. However, we've used a pillow-top mattress instead of the
standard thin IKEA mattress bed.

Step 2: Find a Second IKEA DALSELV Headboard

This step wasn't as difficult as you might think. Sites like Craigslist and Freecycle are great resources, especially if you live in a college city with a nearby IKEA (and it's near the end of the semester). We live in LA, and in the last year, I've seen the entire DALSELV bed in the trash behind my old apartment more than four times.

We picked the exact same headboard (full) out of the trash a week after we moved.

Step 3: Measure and Drill Holes

Since we didn't have a table saw (or any saw), we arranged the second headboard to go into the right corner, and have the correct length and backing/support on the correct sides. There was a slight gap, which we'll go back and fix in the future (which will require cutting the adjoining ends to fit together squarely, re-measuring and drilling the holes and re-bolting the second headboard to the frame... we'll post when we get there!).

Luckily, the second headboard still had the aligning dowel pegs on each side. If these pegs are missing, there are still pre-drilled holes that fit standard dowel pegs. We were able to use an eyeliner pencil to mark each dowel peg and carefully slide it into place, transferring the marks from the bed frame in the correct spots. My boyfriend measured the pegs, and found a drill bit to create the right sized holes. He taped the maximum depth on the drill bit by comparing it to the peg, and using masking tape ON the drill bit to ensure he didn't drill too far on the frame.

Since the DALSELV frames are white pine, they are easy enough to drill into with a corded drill.The fitting for our two bedframes is shown in the photo. The darker headboard was fit onto the frame using the dowel pegs.

Step 4: Screw Second Headboard to Bedframe.

Once the second headboard is affixed to the bed frame with the dowel pegs, drill a continuous hold from the bottom-center of the bed frame (the frame will have a pre-drilled hole) and follow it through the bed frame. Affix a large screw to bolt together the bed frame and second headboard.

Be careful that the frame does not come off the dowel pegs while drilling through the frame. You can also use a pencil to mark the drill spot on the frame. We were short on time, therefore, just drilled beyond the pre-drilled hole in the headboard.

We used a wing-nut to stabilize the main bolt. However, you may use any kind of fitting that works with the slats. Make sure that the slats accommodate the end of the bolt. With our slats, this was no issue. The spacing fit perfectly with our hardware.

NOTE: For more stability, pre-drill secondary holes and secure the headboard after securing the pegs and middle bolts. Note that you will need the right length of screw or make sure to figure in the bed slat spacing for the end of the bolt.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Add IKEA bed slats (sold with the bed or sold separately) and secure the mattress on top.

Add a fitted sheet and oversized pillows (also sold at IKEA). Since the frame is unfinished, you also might want to add paint or finish.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    My husband and I like this one so much, we are thinking of getting rid of our expensive sofa bed and putting this one in its place. Probably much more comfortable to sleep on; and it looks more comfortable to lounge on, too, as the 2 huge pillows without which the sofa would look like nothing push you out to the edge of the seat.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, did you have problems with the mattress sliding off the bed when used as a bed?  It seems to move down and to the left (when lying in bed) I need a good hack to make the sides taller... any ideas?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey! Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. No problem with the mattress sliding around at all. There are grooved slats, so it stayed put. I would recommend replacing three sides with headboards (if it's possible to find one) or to build it up with some pine slats. We used it like this for about a year without any issues... except for sleeping on the couch a lot. :) This is the most popular frame found on CL in LA, and many times, we find them for free. :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a good idea I'm thinking of doing this. 
    Thanks for sharing!