Damask Polymer Clay Jewelry Dishes!





Introduction: Damask Polymer Clay Jewelry Dishes!

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Damask Polymer Clay Jewelry Dishes!

Classy way to keep track of rings or bangles!

A while back, I made some beautiful Damask Pendants!

And I love the technique so much I wanted to do it again!

So I made little delicate jewelry dishes.

Perfect to put by the sink for wedding rings while washing dishes...

Or on the vanity!

Step 1: Supplies:

You will need an oven safe dish that you want to mimic the shape of.
I chose a square dish.

A damask background rubber stamp. (Here's the one I bought)

White Sculpey Clay.

Rolling pin


Step 2: Let's Get Rolling!

Warm up the clay in your hands.

Use a rolling pin to roll it about 1/4" thick.

Press the background stamp onto the clay firmly and evenly.

Peel up the stamp gently.

What a wonderful impression!

Step 3: Make the Bowl!

Carefully lift the clay and set it in your desired dish.
Gently press the clay down to take the shape of the dish.

Use a hobby knife or a kitchen knife to trim the edges off.

Place the dish and all on a baking sheet.

Bake according to package directions.
I did 20 minutes at 275*

Remove from oven, let cool.
Then carefully remove clay from the dish.

Mine had no trouble coming out.

Step 4: Ready to Paint!

Now we are ready to paint.

I painted one dish blue, one sea green.
Let dry completely.

Then I added a slew of other blues and pink and just splotched them on the design.

Now take a scrap of fabric or old cloth...and wrap it around your finger.

Gently rub the paint off the top surfaces of the damask pattern.

It will even remove the base paint as well...

Step 5: Clear Coat!

Then I put them outside and spritzed them with some clear coat spray.

Let them dry and enjoy!
Super stunning and perfect for holding little things that need a home!

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14 Discussions

these are really pretty Natalie! awesome project

Congrats on the win

Congrats on the win

This is wornderful

Am I the only one who clicked on this isntructable only because I was wondering how you were going to make metallic looking rings out of polymer clay? It took me a while to figure out I should read the title first next time :)

this is very pretty.

I don't know about the prices in the USA, assuming you are there but here Polymerclay costs a lot....just saying.

1 reply

Yes, not bad price in the USA :)


Wow I had no idea something this beautiful was so easy to do. Thanks for sharing

I have been wanting to make something like this for my rings. Thanks for making this Instructable! My weekend plans have been decided :)