Damp Towel - No More

Introduction: Damp Towel - No More

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Hey there all you guys - a little tip more than instructable - is your mom, missus or life partner always asking how come your towel is always so wet after a shower - this jobber might just help ya out.

It's a little obscure but try before ya decide.

Never to be sexist but this tip is probably just for guys, as girls have more uummm bumpy bits - - you'll see.

Step 1: Only Tools - See Piks

Take one scraper.

Be prepared nudity to follow.

Step 2: And

And one of these - - "hey I'm hairy ok - ya never seen a guy nude before"

The idea is simple - take your shower - get as wet as ya like.
Now I am always being told "why do you not rub down with a flannel before drying off" - this is a fair idea but after the first pass I am always still too wet.

Now however - take that scraper (a new one not the one for cleaning the bathroom) and starting from top to bottom have the equivalent of an all over shave - - now stay with me. Start at your back and go over the top of your shoulders from the front and drive the water down  your body, then reach around and carry on drawing the liquid down and down, you'll feel just how the water really runs off very well. Now carry on with the other areas. as you can see I'm fairly hairy (well my body double anyway), using the scraper so much water is drawn off that by the time I step from the bath my back is just about dry.

It is weird I know but check your towels - give it a try - the damp life of mine has easily doubled/tripled with this simple quirk. Also noted was that the more time taken the better the result, now my towels even start to dry off between washes.

Happy you - no damp towel for ages.
Happy partner etc - no damp towel - all good

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