Dancing Haloween Ghosts (using Lego Mindstorms)

Introduction: Dancing Haloween Ghosts (using Lego Mindstorms)

About: I am a young man who enjoys the out doors, music, technology, and anything related to the rat pack. im am very passionate about music and robotics.

this instructables will have two main parts. the first is making the ghosts and the second is making the robot and rigging the ghosts to "dance". The project is simple but it may take a lot of trail and error to get the ghosts' movement to match the beat of your chosen song. you can also just make the ghosts without the robotic parts if  you do not have a mind-storms set available to you.

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Step 1: Materials

fabric ghost:
     -scraps of organza fabric (any white fabric would work but organza look more "ghostly")
     -cotton balls
     -fishing line or thicker thread
     -somewhere to mount a hook up high
     -a hook
      -a safety pin
Dancing mechanism:
     -a Lego mind-storms motor
     -some random Lego pieces (a list will be shown later)
     -some more fishing line or thread
     -zip ties
     -Mind-storms logic brick
     - a computer with mind-storms program writer
     - a place to mount the mechanism

Step 2: Making the Ghost's Body

to make the ghost's body start by draping the fabric over your hand and try to get it as even as possible. next grab a handful of cotton balls and hold it in your fabric covered hand a flip your hand upside down. pinch under the fabric and tie a not to hold the ghost shape. you can also use a rubber band or a twist tie.

Step 3: Making the Line

mount your hook and tie your line from your hook down to another anchor like a tree or a stake in the ground. make sure that nobody is going to get caught in your line.

Step 4:

now put the safety pin through the head of the ghost an close the pin around the thread. now wrap the extra string around the hook until all the extra robe is used up and the string is tight and level.

Step 5:

the ghost is finished but now lets make the dancing mechanism! gather all your Lego pieces and put together the "arm". follow the illustrations bellow

Step 6: Mounting the Motor

now mount the motor somewhere perpendicular to your line using the zip ties making sure the arm is not hitting anything when it moves. now tie a very tight string from your "spool" to the original line. now when the motor moves it should make your ghost bob up and down. with some trial and error you can make it look like its dancing to a creepy song thank you for reading!

Step 7: Possible Modifications

here is a list a ideas i thought of to make these ghosts better but didn't have the time, patients, materials, or skill to do:
     -putting LED s  and a small battery inside the ghosts head
     -using a glow in the dark marker draw a glowing face on your ghost
     -set up an inferred sensor so when people walk by the ghost will drop on their head

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