Flashing LED Lights to Sound of Music!


Introduction: Flashing LED Lights to Sound of Music!

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    It never got featured though :P so hardly anyone got the chance to see it. But there it is :) Hope you like it :)

    sorry to be a pain, but what is the third song that plays at 1:20? I've heard it before and have never known what its called to get it!! Cheers

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    We got Spammed, by Starbuck$? I'm on dial-up, so maybe I just lost interest too soon, did make it as far as the Crappuccino part. Where are the instructions on how you built? Is this how to empty somebodies wallet? Anyhow, about half the video is advertisement for over-priced, char-roasted coffee, little better than instant.

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    the actual instructable will be uploaded soon, as soon as we get all arranged in the proper order and all. and no it cost about 20 dollars to make. and if you have the Resistors and LED's even cheaper :)

    We cant upload the Description on the video: so here iis, our LED Dancing lights bounce to the beat of music, we'll be uploading the "how to" video as soon as we get everything together, so stay updated and visit our website at WWW.HM-Innovations.COM where you can find our most current videos. We hope you like them and thanks for watching!