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Introduction: Dancing Skeleton

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I first made a small one to wear on a crocheted choker I had made.  I then decided I wanted one to hang on my flag pole outside.  So I did it again adding just a few pieces to make it look right at the new size.
This is my very first time doing anything like this...as a project as well as an instructable.  I hope this helps someone that would like to try the same thing or inspire someone in some way.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials needed: aluminum flashing, scissors, hole punch, wire, wire cutters, sharpie, small pliers, etching tool, (I used my trusty Dremel) and something to wrap the wire around to make connecting links.
For the outdoor skeleton I used the mallet handle you see in the picture, but for the little one, I used a knitting needle. (you can also used store bought links, found in the jewelry and craft sections of many discount stores.  
Most all of my supplies come from the local home improvement store.

Step 2: Making the Links

it's simple really, you wrap the wire around a "tool" to get the shape. I used a mallet for larger ones and a knitting needle for smaller ones. 
Different gauge of wire will also give different results.

Step 3: Draw, Cut, File

In the picture I'm using scrap pieces from other projects for the small skeleton.
I used the full sheet for the large one.  I just free hand draw with a sharpie (I'll show you how to take it off later if you wish to)
I use a old pair of craft scissors I've had for years, you don't want to use them later for any fine delicate work with paper or cloth.
I forgot to show, and note the need of files earlier, as I said this is a first for me...I'm still learning.  If you notice something else I need to make clearer, please leave a comment so I can improve on any future post.

Step 4: Details Make the Difference

I drew where I wanted the eyes and nose to go, but everything else I freehanded using the  Dremel  with a small carving bit, as you can see in the picture I use it like I would a pencil.

Step 5: Assembleing and End Results

To assemble you want to use the links to connect all body parts. I double the links for the body to head, it made it look more like a neck.
However for the larger one I made more body parts, it just looked better for the larger scale.  Too many body parts on a small scale doesn't look good. It makes it hard to see what it is.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cute! Perfect to hang from my porch for upcoming Halloween!

    You do an awesome job making metal jewelry. I can't wait to see what else you come up with :)