Dancing Toy Robot

Introduction: Dancing Toy Robot

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This is a project for a Basic Electronics Course at betalearn.org (https://goo.gl/7x6QwY)

The idea was to add electrical parts to an ordinary clockwork toy so that it could move on demand.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


-Dancing Robot

-Common 5V DC motor, pushbutton, jumper cables, micro-usb adapter and breadboard

-Polyestirene bar

-Wooden sticks

-Loctite Glue





-Soldering iron

Step 2: Tear Down of the Toy

Take the screwdriver and unscrew the necessary parts. If you try to disassemble each and every part of the toy, it may end up becoming difficult to put it all together again. Leave the spring and the unnecessary gear out.

Step 3: Re-Build With the Motor

Leave only the relevant gears in the gearbox and glue the axis of the motor to the main gear. Be careful (and quick) if you intend to do it with loctite (apply the glue yo the gear and not the motor). Rebuild the toy checking that after every step the mechanical parts work as expected. You can use the suggested electric sketch.

Introduce the robot in a polyestyrene bar (you will need to drill the correct hole in the polyestyrene bar) and attach sticks to the sides to prevent it from rotating. Now you should have your own dancing robot!

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