Dancing Egg-white Chicken



Introduction: Dancing Egg-white Chicken

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This is an experiment with laser cutting egg-white. The chicken "sculpture" is directly generated by lasering the egg-white with a laser cutter. In my next experiment I want to try to make 3d egg-white sculptures by varying the laser intensity. This way the laser will harden variable volumes of the egg-white.

Have a look at my dancing chicken

dark, low cup or plate (for the contrast with the egg-white)
a laser cutter ( run to your local fablab )

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Step 1: Draw a Chicken

Use a vector drawing tool to make your drawing. This can be anything from Inkscape to Illustrator.

Step 2: Prepare the Egg-white

Seperate the egg-white form the egg yolk.
Put the egg-white in a small bowl and position it under the lasercutter.

Step 3: Set the Lasercutter

Just play around with the speed and power of the laser to make the perfect white coloured egg (or black if you like). I used speed 50%, power 50% for my chicken on a LaserPro machine.

Step 4: Watch the Wonderfull Cutting Proces

Step 5: Et Volia - a Chicken!

The egg-white sculptures are perfect for animation.

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