Dandelion Tea




Introduction: Dandelion Tea

I am getting back to my roots in this instructable! Pun intended. You can buy dandelion tea at most Asian supermarkets and other stores but dandelions are very plentiful in most lawns in North America and definitely in the nice beds of your garden. It is very simple to make some at home!

Step 1: Finding and Gathering

First step to making some tea is to find a nice big dandelion plant. you want to find a large plant because the roots aren't very big. pro tip do this during or just after rain it will make things much easier. Rinse the roots and bring them inside.

Step 2: Prep Time!

Take off the greens and discard (you could make a salad if you wanted they are good with a balsamic dressing) cut off the ends and scrape them.

Step 3: Chop and Spread

chop it into small chunks and spread it on a tray for your oven. This is a very small batch so I used the toaster oven. Alternatively you can use a dehydrator but when baked it gives it a pleasant nutty taste.

Step 4: Two Choices

Bake at 300 for about 10 minutes or until light brown. At this point you have two choices, you can either leave as is and steep the tea as is or powder it. When powdered it steeps much faster that if you had left it as chunks but if it is too thin it might go through your strainer and be in the actual drink. It really isn't bad to have some powder in the bottom of your drink or tea pot.

Step 5: Powder

My family likes it powdered so thus is where the blender comes in. We have a very fancy blender (I highly recommend it) but any old blender will work. Now just blend until your preferred consistency.

Step 6: Making Tea

Now you can either put it into individual tea bags or use a tea pot and strainer. Boil your water and let it steep for about 2 or 3 minutes.

Step 7: Pour and Enjoy!

Enjoy! This is my first instructable and it is for the hunter gatherer contest. Any up votes are appreciated :)



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    6 Discussions

    how does it taste? i will probably try this i just did the deep fried dandilions yesterday. :)

    I don't have any experience personally with it but I imagine it is the same process

    Nice! Very well done. Do you think chicory would be a similar process?

    Thanks! You can do this year round and it is great to sit down with a cup of tea on a chilly October night

    Very good instructable! I always knew dandelions were edible, but never knew exactly how to make it happen. Thanks! I'll be trying this out next spring.

    Hey thanks, I didn't notice the extra steps