Daniel "Diggy" Simmons Ring

Introduction: Daniel "Diggy" Simmons Ring

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Metallic Black Paint
White or black sculpey (any color really)
A knife or cutting tool
super or gorrila glue

Time:1h 30min

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Step 1: Sculpting

I only used about 3 of the bars of Sculpey and you flatten the clay, cut it into a rectangle, and start doing to detail work like the corners etc.

When your done with the diggy shape you wrap some clay around two fingers as shown in the picture.


Then you bake for 45mins at 275F

Step 2: Painting :D

It's important to get the metallic version of whatever color you want because it gives the ring more of a shine and legit look (i thought).

I used my finger to paint because im just crazy like that but you can use whatever of course. :)

Basically just paint everything you made so far except the points that will be making contact with each other.

Step 3: Viola!

You super glue rings to diggy base and you now have a diggy simmons ring :D

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