Daniel's Positioner Case/Holder Fusion 360




Daniel's Positioner Case/Holder Fusion 360

This is a holder for the Daniels Bayonet positioners used on the Daniels AFM8 M22520/2-01 crimper.

This started out as a remix of my “Ignition Wrench Case” Ignition Wrench Case - Fusion360


(also on Thingiverse.com) it has evolved into something more.

I completed the remix of the ignition wrench case by enlarging it and adding the insert for the positioner. Oh, I like parametric programs! In this time, I learned how to 'edit' my files and make them more robust - easier to remix for different uses.

While this came out great in Fusion 360 I never printed it. It is added here in case you want to print it.

I then redesigned a holder it to fit into a case I got from one of my favorite stores (thrift shops) made for Circuit City ‘cityadvantage protection plan’. This has a small 3 ring binder inside that I thought I could use to secure the holder.

The positioners are inserted in the holder with a 1/4 turn to secure it in place.

Step 1:

Using the cut-out for the positioners from the ‘insert for the case’, I copied it over to the newly designed binder holder.

Step 2: Files

Here are the Fusion 360 design files and the .stl's for printing.

Step 3: Slight Problem and Moving On

Problems: I wanted to add text like on the insert case, but there seems to be a known programming problem with Fusion 360 that the designers are working on, which sometimes causes the text to appear inverted. While searching for a solution, and finding a ‘work-around’, I decided to just print it without text allowing me to change what positioners I have in the holder. Hopefully Fusion 360 will repair this soon as on my other projects with Fusion 360, adding text has been a breeze and enjoyably easy.

While this is the first 'problem' I have encounter in Fusion 360, it is still far better than all the inserting text, locking up and more problems I was having with FreeCad. As with all programs you have to find the best way to do the things you want to do.

I am new to Fusion 360 with just a about a month working knowledge and I am still learning more efficient ways to do things. I have not even come close to finding the limit of what can be done - or how quickly! I still highly recommend this program. Check out what this newbie can do with Fusion 360 - (in less than a month) and some thoughts on first using Fusion 360;




If you print these, please let me know as I always enjoy it when someone can use my designs. Oh, and please vote for me in the contests I have entered!



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    You are right about the crimp quality. I still use them everyday.


    2 years ago

    WOW, it has been a long time since I used one of those Daniel crimpers. Brings back memories. It does make the best crimp(s) I have ever seen and used though.