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Introduction: Danish Roll, Sweet Croissants Savory Croissants

This is really delicious...It's really great for tea :-) What more...you can store the dough for a month and use it when ever you like!
Isn't that great??
Read on and I'll 3 ways of Using Danish Dough .

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Step 1: The Dough

To make the dough you need

500 g  flour
1 tsp salt
1 tbs yeast
2 tbs sugar
2 oz butter
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
5 oz water


In a bowl add 500 g flour 1 tbs yeast 2 tbs sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp salt and mix

Take you butter - mine was 8 oz... I divided it in to 4 equal parts and  took 1 part as it will be 2 oz...
(take the balance butter and let it soften...roll it  between 2 papers and flatten in to a square...place it in freezer.)
Warm you milk slightly and and put your 2 oz butter into it and melt it while stirring ....after it has cooled down add it to the flour bowl and mix. Gradually add the water and mix.

Your basic dough is made.
Make your dough into a ball...make a cross cut in the center and pull open from the cut to form a square.
Roll to a rectangle.
Step 1 - Now take your frozen butter square and place it in one side and fold the dough over to close it. Always keep the fold to one  side...So in my case of the picture I would keep the fold to the left. Let's call the fold  'A'
Now roll from side 'A' to 'B'
 Step 2 - ( this has to be done thrice )
                   Fold 'B' over to the center. Then Fold 'A' to cover 'B'
                    Roll in the same way as before.
Repeat this step 2 more times. If your butter leaks out...don't worry...simply dust it with flour and keep the dough in the freezer till it hardens...then take it out and continue...no problem. :-)

Once your dough is done...if you are not using it immediately... wrap it up well and freeze it...
If you are using it now...roll to a thin layer.

Step 2: Danish Roll

For Danish roll i spread Hazel Nut chocolate spread. It already had little bit's of nut in it...so i didn't have to chop up more.
You could also crumble up chocolate sponge cake and with spread it with nuts. Both are delicious!
Once you have spread your choice on the dough simple roll and back. This dough should not get hard. So don't bake too much. keep an eye in it.
Bake in 200 degrees
Once backed...cut to slices and serve...melted chocolate taste oh so good :-D.

Step 3: Fruity Pin Wheel

Roll up your dough and cut into squares...
Then cut from the corners towards the center...put not all the way through
Refer to pictures please.
Dab a drop of water and fold and paste one corner to the center....repeat for all petals.
Brush with butter and bake.
Mix 2 tbs of strawberry  jam with 2 tbs of  warm water...
Once your Pin Wheels are baked...brush the buns with the watered down jam.
Place cream in the center and Top it off with a cherry...:-) I didn't have cherry...so i topped it off with jam ;-D
Now have a bite and tell me if it's good or GOOD??

Step 4: Savory Crabs

My Niece loves spice...so this I do just for her....and me :-)
For the filling Mix grated Cheese , chopped onions and green chilli finely, and boiled prawns chopped finely. Mix it all together... That my friend is the filling... :-)
Roll your dough and cut into triangles.....slit one end to the center...refer pictures please.
place filling in a U shape.
Start rolling the bottom towards the sides.. then roll upwards...bend the corners to form claws..like a crab ;-).
Glaze with butter and bake :-)

That's it...This dough is nice soft and buttery.

Try it...It's delicious.

I know it's kind of last minute...but please...if you like it vote for it in the bread contest...thank you.

Also thank your for taking the time to read.
Bon Appetite!

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