Dark Activated Night Light

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A dark activated night light.

Please also see this one by H4ZZ498
It's the same thing, he made it first thogh.

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Step 1: Materials

Breadboard (You could make a PCB if you want)
Any NPN transistor
10k resistor ( Or trimpot for variable sensivity)
A LED ( You choose the color)
2X AA battery pack or any 3v battery

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Build the circuit on the breadboard!

Step 3: Done!

Done! Now turn off the lights and it should light up.

Step 4: Stripboard Version

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5 years ago

I love it! Totally gonna make it! Where did you get the such a small breadboard?!

2 replies

I live in China and I got the mini breadboards from taobao a Chinese service. You will can find these at RadioShack or at EBay. Thanks, please follow me if you liked it.

Here it is on Ebay for $3.44 each



6 years ago on Introduction

Hey Ploopy, nice project! It would be cool if you gave member H4ZZ498 some credit in your text, since you rebuild his project: https://www.instructables.com/id/Light-Sensitive-Night-Light/

It's good practice to refer to other I'bles you used...

2 replies