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Introduction: Dark Banshee Halloween Look

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This was a super fun collab I did with another youtuber! She did the light version I did the dark (duh) . Hope you enjoy and check out my youtube page! Youtube.com/msmaomaoz Subscribe to help support me and keep me painting! <3

Step 1: Mouth

Taking white body paint I started by mapping out the teeth. I wanted the mouth to be the main thing on the face so i started with that.

Step 2: Skin

once I knew where the mouth was going to be I took a foundation and covered the rest of my face.

Step 3: Shadows

I took different brown shadows from BH cosmetics and detailed around the face, such as adding teeth pulls, smile lines, ect.

Step 4: Black

Talking a black body paint I filled in the rest of the mouth.

Step 5: Lips

I used a gray/blue body paint to make the lips.

Step 6: More Shadows

Using the same brown shadows, I shadowed around the lips and teeth.

Step 7: Contour

Taking black I contorted my cheeks and temples.

Step 8: Eyes

I started the eyes by taking some black eye shadow and messily putting it all over.Then I used a liquid liner to draw on some lines. making it look creepy and messy.

Step 9: More Shadows

I drug some more black around my face to make me look dirty.

Step 10: Highlight

Using white I highlighted around the whole face.

Step 11: Splatter and Dots

I used gray to make splatters and black to make dots. That's it!

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